Month: March 2014

Happy Birthday Yamato!

Happy Birthday Yamato, drummer of UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ! UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ Formed: 1999 Story: Consists of five fighters from outer-space who visit Earth to patrol (live []

Happy Birthday hayato!

Happy Birthday hayato, bassist of Nihilizm! Info Band: Nihilizm Formed: 2013 Members Vocal: yoshito (義人) Guitar: makina (まきな) Guitar: mike (.ミケ) Bass: []

Jetlag, Umeboshi and Ikebukuro

Our second day in Tokyo. I got jetlagged and slept way toooo long this morning. Missed hotel’s breakfast, but I had some rise balls spared that I could eat. So good! I tried to eat something that I really didn’t know what it was – but now I know: umeboshi….! It was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten. I thought it would be sweet like cherry, but no no. I can’t even explain what it tasted like, you have to []