Robots and pole-dancers in Shinjuku

Japanese breakfast!


Today has been a very rainy day, so me and Hide went first to Shibuya. Jessica was sick and had to stay in bed. 🙁

Me and Hide went to Taito Station, an archade, and played some games.

I enjoyed most playing a horrorgame in a dark “booth” with 3D-glasses. I actually got so scared in the beginning that I screamed loudly. *embarassed*

I got some Natsume Yuujinchou figures in a toy machine. ^^


And me and Hide took some purikura photos.

In Tokyo, they put a stand with long plastic bags outside each shop, so you wont bring your wet umbrella in – you put it in the bag. Very smart.


Then we went to a sushi restaurant. I would not have been able to order here by myself. ^^


It was soooo good!


Then it was time for the big event of today. Please scroll down to watch movies.


Me and Hide went to Shinjuku and a place called “Robot Restaurant”. It’s a place were you can eat food and drink while watching a crazy show with “robots”, half-naked girls and pole dancers.

I had to buy a shirt in Shibuya to cover me up, ’cause you are not welcome at that place if you have tattoos. But later I spotted a poledancer with a big tattoo, so I feel a little bit cheated. ^_-

This was truly a special place, so much light and colors.

Apparanly, building this place cost 10 billion yen!!!

On our way in, the staff asked me if I wanted to participate in the show and fight a robot, but I said no. It was another girl who did it and she was a gaijin like me, so I guess they ask female foreigners for that part. ^^

While waiting for the show we had cute robot-dinasours on the table.


As food we got bento boxes! I could also order beer.


If you visit Tokyo, I recommend you to go to Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. It’s a really fun an crazy experience.

Me and Hide enjoyed it very much.


And here I’m posing with a giant robot.


Here you can watch some clips from the show!

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  1. Wooooow! Vilken dag det måste ha varit för di g. Ditt reportage är överväldigande. Vilken tur att du har en kompis som Hide. Synd att Jessica blev sjuk. Kram

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