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Yumizu is a Swedish young woman who creates music with a Japanese touch.

Yumizu Official Webpage

Can you tell me about yourself and your music?
Yumizu : I am  a true optimist and I am also very ambitious and very serious about my work. I care a lot about my dear ones. My music is about other people’s stories about life, love and hardships.

What is you relation to Japan and how come that you sing in Japanese?
Yumizu : I have always been amazed by the Japanese culture, music and language. I feel more home in the Japanese culture and I also think that the Japanese  language is very beautiful.

How did your interest start?
Yumizu : It started when I was very young. I used to play Final Fantasy a lot and that was the starting point.

What are your goals with your music?
Yumizu : To perform at the Tokyo Dome. That would be amazing!

What do you want to express with your music?
Yumizu : Inspire people, make them happy and give them hope in life.

What happens next in your musical career?
Yumizu : A new music single release on  2/11- 2014.

Do you listen to any Japanese music yourself and in that case, what kind of music?
Yumizu : Jpop, Jrock and visual kei. AKB48, KAT-TUN, Girugamesh and Dir en grey.

Any last words to you fans?
Yumizu : Im really looking  forward to the new single release this year. I hope you all will have an awesome year filled with a lot of happiness and good times. Thank you so much for the support!

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