The Jupiter concert in Cologne!

I’ve just arrived home after a visit in Cologne for the second time so far this year. This time I went to the Jupiter concert (February 7th) at Die Werkstatt, a new venue to me, a little bit bigger than MTC.

Usually I like to pack my bags and go oversea by myself, but this time I felt a bit lonely and missed company. I wished I had more friends who would like to do these kinds of trips with me. But on the other hand, I always meet a lot of good people at the venues and some have become my friends. 🙂

I’ve seen most of the members of Jupiter before, since I’ve been to two Versailles concerts in the past, but still this felt fresh and new. I really looked forward to see how Zin was experienced live.

When I arrived I first thought that I was lost ‘cause the line of people was so short, but then I saw Raoii that I met at the GazettE gigs in Germany last year, so I teamed up with her and her friends. It was good company.
There was different kind of tickets; VIP, Premium and Regular so I guessed most people would arrive later. VIP was the ones to enter the venue first, and I was among them.

The weather was ruthless. It was cold and rainy and the wind blew so hard that I rarely could hold on to my umbrella. Fancy hairdos that probably taken hours to create got destroyed in the process and we squealed in the storm. I was glad I could enter relatively early, but felt bad for Raoii who we had to leave behind.

Inside, VIP got the opportunity to buy merchandise first of all. I wanted a cheki photo of each member, but even though I was among the first, the Hizaki chekis got sold out just before my turn. He’s obviously very popular… I got a little bit pissed to be honest, ^^ but I’m happy for the chekis I got. After all, Teru is my favorite member.


I think 33 Degrees organized all very well. First we had a questions and answers session with the band. We had all mailed in our questions to the band in forehand and some questions were picked and read out aloud. I don’t remember everything but one question concerned their impression of Europe and the answer was “beautiful”. And what did they know about Germany? Yuki said “Beer” with a big smile. I think someone of them mentioned sausage also.

They looked like small perfect dolls. I kind of stared at Teru who has this fascinating face and perfect hair and are so, so, so skinny. I wonder how old he is. I mean, one day we all get old and flabby, don’t we? ^^ Well, it’s not his turn just yet; there’s not a single fat molecule on that stomach.

They were asked what they could say in German and I believe they all knew one word each, but I only remember “Danke Schön”, some kind of German dish and “Ich liebe dich”. The last one seemed to be Zin’s favorite by the way. ^_-

Someone wondered if they had any pet. We all know that Masashi has a big fat cat. ^^ Pets was a big no no for Teru, that’s how I interpret his body language with fingers crossed. Yuki said he didn’t have any pets but would like to buy a dog. Zin didn’t have any pets either, but asked if any of us wanted to be his pet. Hizaki applied for the role with the speed of the light, stood up and stepped towards Zin with big puppy eyes… and the audience went “aaaaaaawwwwww……”

One question was if there was any certain person they would like to collaborate with and I found it a bit funny that Hizaki answered really fast: “Kamijo!”

The answer to the question what inspired them was “movies”. Someone wondered why they had picked the name Jupiter and since all band members looked at Hizaki, I sense that he’s the inventor of the name. I believe his answer was “beautiful”.

Among the questions was actually mine but, well… it was: “If you gained magical powers for one day to fulfill one of your dreams, what would it be?” The band looked very confused and Zin’s answer was never translated into English but it sounded like he said that he wanted to eat a lot of sausage and get fat. I think something got lost in translation….!

After this it was time for all VIP to get photographed with the band. I greeted them with a “Konnichiwa” and told them I was from Sweden, which seemed to amuse them. I stood between Zin and Yuki.

Iona Rosin and Jupiter in Cologne February 7th 2014

Afterwards, Teru handed me this big poster, signed by all members in the band.

After this we were all going to get photographed with our favorite member. I got surprised that only 3 people, or something like that, wanted to get photographed with Zin. If I would have known, I would have chosen him, but I had chosen to get photographed with Teru.

I really liked Teru’s look. He had silver and red tinsels under his eyes and silver grey hair in a spiky manga hairstyle. He wore a short black leather jacket with rivets and spiky shoulders, torn black tights and high heel boots.

I took the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him.

Teru (Jupiter) and Iona Rosin in Cologne February 7th 201

Then the premium and regular entered the venue. We took a spot in front of the stage and waited for the concert.


I must say that the concert was better than I expected. I wondered if this would feel like Versailles, but it actually didn’t, and that’s very much thanks to Zin who has a totally different presence than Kamijo. He might not have as much charisma as Kamijo but still a great personality that shines through and there’s lots of joy. He smiled and interacted with the audience constantly, showed us how to move and spoke very good English.

During the first song, he swung a white Jupiter towel over his head, and so did the audience. I didn’t have a towel, but raised my fist anyway. The energy was high.

People that say that Zin sounds like all other jrock singers… what are they talking about? He absolutely does not! He has a quite raspy, but strong voice, perfect for growling and metal singing, something Kamijo didn’t do well. And I’m sorry I keep comparing those two but it’s hard not to. None of them are my favorite, they are both great singers. Zin mastered vibrato just as well and his voice was strong and clear through the entire concert, not a tone distorted by fatigue. I’m impressed.

If I would compare this Jupiter concert with Versailles, I would say that this was much more “rock” and “metal”. Much thanks to Zin’s unique, raspy and a bit raw voice, suitable for this sound, but still polished.

Zin wore this amazingly beautiful dark jacket with silver details and frill. He has an intense stare and moved around the entire stage, sometimes hugging the other members.

He said that he was going to show us how to say thank you in Japanese, and then he repeatedly made us put our hands together and say “Arigatou”.

I stood to the left, so I got a good view of, first of all, Teru, but also Masashi, Zin and Yuki. The only one I couldn’t see that well all the time was Hizaki, but he went to the middle of the stage sometimes so I could see him better. Teru smiles constantly on stage; he’s such a ball of energy.


They are all extremely skilled. Teru and Hizaki standing in the middle with their backs towards each other, rocking extremely fast and hard guitar solos is a classic. Masashi made a very impressive bass-solo as well and I loved the fact that he got some minutes alone in the spotlight. He looks really cool and chill, don’t give away much facial expressions, but sometimes you could sense a smirk on his lips. He’s the one that looks most “dark” and “hard” among them all, dressed entirely in black with big studded belts over his chest and with black long hair.

Hizaki wore a dress, of course, black in the bottom and wine red in the top with golden details. His hair was blond… I thought it would be more dark brown.

Yuki had black clothes with some kind of grey neck-cloth. In the middle of the concert, he asked us a question that surprised me:

“Do you want to hear Versailles?”

Zin had left the stage. Everybody yelled “Yes!” and then they played the instrumental “SILENT KNIGHT”. To me, this felt a little bit strange, but it’s a good song so go for it.

Zin came back to the stage. Since the band only has released one full album so far, it wasn’t that hard to tell which songs they would play. But they also performed with some new songs that I hadn’t heard before.

There was an encore, of course, and the very last song they played was my favorite: “Blessing to the future”. After the encore, all members wore Jupiter’s tour t-shirt. It’s a bit funny to see Hizaki with a sleeveless shirt, ‘cause his arms reveals a bit that he’s actually a man and not a girl. ^^ Not that it’s any secret, but still.

The concert was over and the band threw picks, drumsticks and bottles to the fans. They seemed very happy (the band). Zin “sang” with long vibrato “Ich liebe dich”, “Danke Schön” and “Arigatou”. It sounded funny but I was all over again amazed over how good his voice is.

I actually think Zin has a quite rich beard, or at least could have if he wanted to. When the makeup got wet by all sweat during the concert, you could see a clear dark area in his face. And he probably shaved his face right before the show. ^_-

I’m very satisfied with this concert and I’m happy that I went to seem them. I was a bit worried at first that it would feel like “something old” but it didn’t. It felt new, even though Teru, Hizaki, Masahi and Yuki are the same as always.

Thank you Jupiter, this was awesome!

Das Jupiter konzert was saugeil! Zin for the win! ^_-


Band: Jupiter
Formed: 2013
Background: All members except Zin are ex-members of Versailles


Vocal: Zin (Jupiter) Guitar: Hizaki (Jupiter) Guitar: Teru (Jupiter) Bass: Masashi (Jupiter) Drums: Yuki (Jupiter)

Jupiter Official Webpage
Jupiter Official Facebook

Other posts about Jupiter on my blog:

Jupiter Blog Versailles Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Zin Zin Zin: B Zin: Sep 1st
Hizaki Hizaki Hizaki: AB Hizaki: Feb 17th
Teru Teru Teru Teru: O Teru: April 10th
Masashi Masashi Masashi Masashi: O Masashi: April 25th
Yuki Yuki Yuki: A Yuki: Feb 18th

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  1. About this doubtful reply during Q&A – Zin was speaking about biting like titans from Shingeki no Kyojin, what caused a bit of confusion, that’s why it wasn’t translated; and then he changed his mind for giving and getting love to each other, if I remember well. Greets!

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