Eclipse with ARLEQUIN (Full PV)

Actually really nice song.

I haven’t listened to this band that much before, but this makes me curious. And I like their clothes!

Member History

  • Vo. aki → GRiST (roadie) → Diverse glare in Riot → Arlequin
  • Gt. kuruto → jigoro(support) → jigoro → Arpege → Arlequin
  • Gt. nao →  Shelley(Naoya) → Cu[be](nao) → Arlequin
  • Ba. Shohei → (-DIEVA-) → CINDY&KATE. →CindyKate → CindyKate(Maya), 聖ソロ(support) → Arlequin(Shohei)
  • Dr. tamon → Velllapis(support/tamo-san) → Velllapis(零-zero-→TAMO) → ArecsiA(support), Garo!(support) → Vell;ze(support) → Levia → JILLS BLUE ROSES(support), Allegretto(support) → Arlequin(tamon)

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