The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Sweden!

Sorry for not being so active the last days, I’ve been busy since we’ve had noble guests in Sweden. That’s right, I -アイ- has been here for their tour final. (And it was awesome) 🙂

I -アイ-

January 25th.

We headed to the arena, Lakeside, in the Stockholm area. Among first things, there was a “Questions and Answers” session between the fans and Hiroaki and Yuki (I -アイ-).

Questions & Answers with I -アイ-

Translator: This is I -ai-.

I -アイ-: We are I -ai-.

Fan: Hajimemashite!

Translator: Do anyone have any questions?

[Fans giggles and are shy]

Fan: I’m very thrilled to have you here in Sweden. I have longed for this day. I’m so happy to see you here, that you finally are here in Sweden. Thank you so much. How do you feel? This is your final concert of your Europe tour.

I -アイ-: Thank you. Very very happy. It’s cold.

Translator: They have looked forward to this and are very excited now.

Fan: In your songs, who plays the piano part?

I -アイ-: Hiroaki.

Translator: He says he is a little bit nervous since you’re sitting so close to them.

Fans: Aaaawwww…

Translator: And it’s so bright in here as well. Hiroaki is a little bit shy.

Fans: Aaaawwww…

Translator: Hiroaki says that this is the first time he laughs since they arrived to Sweden.

Fan: How long does it take for you to create a song, from idea to final recording?

Translator: Long songs takes three years and short songs ten minutes, in other words, it vary a lot. Yuki can be out driving his car and suddenly get the idea for an entire song.

Fan: What’s your favorite food?

Yuki: Ramen. Oishii.

Fan: Sushi Oishii.

Translator: They haven’t been eating any sushi during this tour, except Hiroaki who ate a very disgusting sashimi. He was not pleased with it, poor guy.

Fan: Have you tried any Swedish food?

I -アイ-: Swedish food… tonight! We just arrived. Do you have any suggestion of what to eat?

Fan: Swedish meatballs with lingonberry.

Yuki: Ah, meatballs!

Fan: Fermented herring.

Other fans: Nooooo!

Fan: Swedish pancakes!

Fan: Cinnamon buns!

Translator: They say that they don’t like sweets that much.

Yuki: The only sweet things I like are girls.

[Fans laughing]

Fan: How do you like the weather here in Sweden, much snow!

Translator: In Yuki’s hometown the climate is similar. They live in Tokyo now, but are from the Sendai area. And there it’s colder. They do actually have snow there.

Fan: Do you read any manga?

I -アイ-: A lot of manga. Bleach!

[Silence and giggle]

I -アイ-: Are you shy?

Fans: Hai!

Fan: What is your favorite movies?

I -アイ-: Shindler’s list.

Fan: Very good one.

I -アイ-: Clockwork orange.

Fan: What do you miss the most about Japan?

Hiroaki: I don’t want to go back.

Translator: He don’t want to go back. This means trouble for us.

Hiroaki: Everyday during this tour, I have been happy.

Yuki: I miss Japanese food.

Fan: What is the biggest difference between fans in Europe and Japan?

I -アイ-: Totally different. Japanese fans are shy. European fans are more direct. Japanese fans are shy, but very loyal. They have been fans for a long time.

Fan: Do you know about Yohio?

I -アイ-: Yes, blond hair. Cute, isn’t he.

Translator: Everybody knows about Yohio.

Translator: I -ai- would like to know how you found out about them.

Fan: Internet and Youtube!

Fan: Facebook!

I -アイ-: Is there any I -アイ- song you like the most?

Fan: Starting point!

Fan: Duty!

Fan: Samurai Jap!

I -アイ-: Do you dance a lot in Sweden during lives?

Fans: Hai!

I -アイ-: I look forward to see that.

Fan: How did you start as a band, how did you meet each other?

I -アイ-: We met about ten years ago.

Translator: This will be a long story.

Hiroaki: Destiny.

Translator: It was destiny that made them meet each other and create I -アイ-.

Fan: In your song, Fetish, there’s a woman singing. Who is she?

I -アイ-: Good singer and good friend.

Fan: Of all your songs, is anyone special to you?

I -アイ-: Christian rose.

I -アイ-: Tsuki.

Translator to I -アイ-: Before the photo, do you have any special message to your fans?

I -アイ-: Never forget this night.

[Session ended with group photo]

Opening act at this event was the Swedish band Kerbera and then it was time for I -アイ- to enter the stage.

Awesome performance, just like in Cologne. I loved it.
See my post. The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

They had such much energy and it felt like Hiroaki gave that little extra this night. The setlist was the following:


Liquid flower

[Yuki guitar solo]

薔 薇 と 蛇
Mona Lisa
Christian Rose



Yuki’s guitar solo is so so amazing. I hope they put it on an album. But I guess it’s best experienced when watching Yuki rock with his guitar while playing it. The audience danced and cheered and it was a great, great night. Afterwards, there was signing session.

I had a blast during their visit here in Sweden and I hope they will come back to us soon.

Thank you I -アイ-!

I -アイ-

16/1 2014 : France | Roubaix, Bar Live 301
17/1 2014 : Netherlands | Den Haag
18/1 2014 : Germany | Cologne
19/1 2014 : Belgium | Bruxelles
23/1 2014 : Luxembourg | Rock Box
24/1 2014 : France | Paris | Abracadabar
25/1 2014 : Sweden | Stockholm, Lakeside

I -アイ-

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I -ai- (I -アイ-)

Formed: 2011
Pronunciation: Like the English “I” or “eye”.

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Vocal & piano:
Hiroaki Nakashima (中島弘章)
template-cakeDec 29th 1978
Guitar & violin:
Yuki Aneyoshi (姉吉祐樹)
template-cakeMay 22nd 1981

Member History

Support members:

  • Dr. Akira Uehara I -ai-(support)
  • Chorus Shizuno Yonemoto I -ai-(support)

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