The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

My first jrock concert this year! My neck hurts like hell… That means it was a GREAT gig.

I have just returned home from Cologne where I went to I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert. It was their 3rd gig this tour and my 3rd jrock gig in this city. Cologne grows on me.

With VIP-tickets, me and my friend Mono Chrome could enter the arena earlier and got the opportunity to get photographed with the band.

Iona Rosin, Mono Chrome, Hiroaki Nakashima, Yuki Aneyoshi (I-アイ-)

The gig was great and I felt a lot of energy from the audience and from Hiroaki and Yuki on stage. They have a lot of headbanging-friendly parts in their songs and it was wonderful to throw my head back and forth with everyone else. I considered the first row to be our “saizen” ^^ and followed their movements and I must say that I always get a very positive experience by German audience – they have a lot of energy.

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

Hiroaki talked some German with us, like “Danke Schön” and “Ich liebe dich”. He also talked some Japanese and told the audience that we were kawaii. ^^ When he punched his chest and asked “Can you feel my heart”, everybody screamed and waved their hands.

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

In the middle of the concert, it was time for Yuki’s guitar solo, and that part truly blew me away. It was amazing, such a musical orgasm! That guy is truly skilled on guitar-playing, and the audience rocked together with him and ended it with cheerful screams. Wow.

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

Hiroaki has a powerful presence on stage and his voice sounded really good, from hard parts of the songs to the more soft singing. He seemed to be “one” with the music and sang very intensely and you could see his commitment in his entire body language.


Liquid flower

[Yuki guitar solo]

薔 薇 と 蛇
Mona Lisa
Christian Rose



We managed to call them in for a great encore before the show was over and it was time for signing session. This was truly a great concert that I enjoyed so much and I look forward to see them again next Saturday in Stockholm.

Their euro tour is not over yet, so if you have the opportunity to see them in your city, I recommend you to do that. 🙂

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

The girls in front of me in the line had baked a cake for the band. That’s so creative and cool! 🙂

And the band seemed to like it! ^^

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

I met some old and new friends at this concert! 🙂 Thank you for a lovely evening!

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

Here’s my merchandize. Signed poster, album and photographs.

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

And look what I found in the booklet to their latest album!

I’m so honored and so proud. Thank you I-アイ-!

The I-アイ- (I –ai-) concert in Cologne

Thank you I-アイ- for an absolutely lovely concert!

I -アイ-

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I -ai- (I -アイ-)

Formed: 2011
Pronunciation: Like the English “I” or “eye”.

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Vocal & piano:
Hiroaki Nakashima (中島弘章)
template-cakeDec 29th 1978
Guitar & violin:
Yuki Aneyoshi (姉吉祐樹)
template-cakeMay 22nd 1981

Member History

Support members:

  • Dr. Akira Uehara I -ai-(support)
  • Chorus Shizuno Yonemoto I -ai-(support)

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