“Neko no ongaeshi” (The Cat Returns) review

I’ve just watched this Ghibli movie “Neko no ongaeshi” (The Cat Returns) from 2002.

The Cat Returns on Discshop.se

It is truly a “feel-good”-movie that left me with a warm and happy feeling afterwards. I recommend everyone to see it, especially if you like anime, Ghibli or have children. I’m sure children would love this movie as well as adults.

The plot was simple but imaginative. A young girl, Haru, saves a cat from being hit by a car and gets the shock of her life: the cat can stand straight like a human and talk.

After this, her lives turns into chaos when the cat’s father – who turns out to be the king in the Kingdom of cats – want to thank her in various crazy ways that unfortunately isn’t that useful in the world of humans. But worst of all, he kidnaps her and forces her to marry his son Lune, and Haru discovers that in the world of cats, she’s about to turn into one herself. Her friend, a cat she calls Baron, tells her to not forget herself and stay strong in whom she is, which seem to prevent her from a total transformation. I believe this is a message we all can embrace.

The movie has these simple elements of charm that is so typical Ghibli productions. It was funny and endearing and the characters felt real. It was not very long either – perfect for a cosy evening.

The Cat Returns on IMDb
The Cat Returns on Discshop.se

 The Cat Returns (2002)

 The Cat Returns (2002)

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