My honest opinion about I -アイ-‘s new album “I -ai-“.

I’ve been listening to this albums a day now and I just say WOW.

You can listen to it on Spotify.

I love the guitar play in EGOISM. The instrumental parts of Bara to Hebi truly speaks to me and NEO JESUS is still a favorite since it’s so rough.

This album is good stuff and seem to evoke any emotion with it’s variety!

Hiroaki’s voice is so smooth and he handles tough growling and screaming as well as the soft and melodic parts which such intensity and grace.

And I like variation, so this is just perfect for me. I like contrasts and surprises in music. I feel that this band deserves sooo much more attention in the western world. Come on and listen! ^^

FETISH is soft but melodic and has a certain energy that keeps me clicking on repeat. acid rain has this bossa nova sound that I usually don’t like, but I found myself enjoying it which was quite of a surprise to me. I think it’s thanks to Dir En Grey that I’ve started to like jrock-bossa-songs…

Liquid Flower is a bit “jazzy” and soft, has a beautiful piano melody. Sweet Butterfly is also melodic and soft. You get the chance to really hear how beautiful Hiroaki’s voice is.

DANCE IN THE DARK starts with orchestra sounds, strings… very beautiful. Then you hear Hiroaki’s dark voice. This is kind of a turning point on the album and you go back to the rough and dark sound – my favorites. His voice is absolutely awesome in DANCE IN THE DARK. If you like growling, this is your song. This sogn is probably awesome performed live – I hope I get a chance to see that.

SAMURAI JAP starts with flute and I expect something ethereal, but then I get hit by hard tunes and I feel… that this is awesome. This might be my favorite on this album. And it almost has some some rap elements, and even though I usually don’t like rap – I liked this. I’m amazed over the variety in their music. That might be one of I -アイ-‘s many strengths.

Christian Rose is soft and ethereal though, and almost entirely instrumental. I feel like meditating to this. ^^ Such a contrast.

Last song – Duty… I’ve listen to this one a lot before due to the CM, and this is a GOOD song! Melody mixed with roughness. I believe this one is awesome live as well. I can see the audience jump to the beat.

Yeah, this was my initial thoughts and i can’t wait to seem them in Cologne and Stockholm.

Why don’t you listen yourself? I truly recommend it!

You can listen to I -アイ-‘s new album on Spotify?


And did you know that they will tour Europe this month? Tickets might still be available.

See below for more information!

I -アイ-

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I -ai- (I -アイ-)

Formed: 2011
Pronunciation: Like the English “I” or “eye”.

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Vocal & piano:
Hiroaki Nakashima (中島弘章)
template-cakeDec 29th 1978
Guitar & violin:
Yuki Aneyoshi (姉吉祐樹)
template-cakeMay 22nd 1981

Member History

Support members:

  • Dr. Akira Uehara I -ai-(support)
  • Chorus Shizuno Yonemoto I -ai-(support)

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