House (Hausu) – a movie you shouldn’t see.

Or if you like really weird movies – maybe you should!

For me, it was a waste of time, and maybe that’s because I expected something scary but got totally SOMETHING ELSE that I don’t find words for to describe.

It was so surreal. I googled on Internet for a good Japanese horror movie and a person recommended this one. But is this really horror? I had a hard time to say if it was a horror movie, a comedy or just some kind of experimental stuff.

Ok, maybe it’s a question of generations. It’s an “old” movie, from 1977 to be exact.

A big scaaaaary mouth in the dark….


The plot:
Oshare (Gorgeous) was going to spend summer vacation with her father but decided to visit her aunt instead, since her father had met a new women she didn’t really like.
She brings several friends to her aunt who lives in the country. Her friends do all have certain qualities/interests that is insinuated via their names:
* Fanta who likes to take pictures, and daydreams a lot.
* KunFuu who has very good reflexes.
* Gari/Prof who is a major nerd
* Sweet who likes to clean.
* Mac (who eats a lot).
* Melody who is a musician.

Why do auntie have an eye-ball in her mouth…?


You realize pretty fast that something is VERY fishy with this aunt, and one after one of the girls disappears. Heads are found in the well, fingers gets cut off by pianos and so on. The house is definitely a scary place and haunted and the aunt… well I won’t spoil it for you IN CASE you want to see this movie.

You don’t expect to fish up a head from the well…


And you definitely don’t expect it to take a bite on your ass…


Why didn’t I like it?

Hm… because it wasn’t really scary. The comic aspects was too great. It was just… plain weird. In a bad way. I like weird. But this was poorly made if you ask me, and I know a lot of people won’t agree ’cause it IS a pretty well-known movie. People must like something about it. But for instance, the music was put very strangely in the movie, it didn’t “fit”. I had to check if I had another film running on my computer to make sure these sounds and tunes actually was a part of this movie.

The blood is orange in this movie.


Well, I must search for a new GOOD Japanese movie… horror probably. So if you have any tip – don’t hesitate to tell me!

Hausu (1977) – IMDb

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