What do Hiroaki think of Europe? And what is Yuki’s best childhood memory? Read this adorable interview with the visual kei duo I -アイ-!

I got the honor and opportunity to do an interview with Hiroaki and Yuki from I -アイ-!

It’s questions about anything and everything – but first of all about their music and upcoming tour in Europe. For information about the tour, please visit Nyanko Scandal Factory’s webpage!

A great thanks to Jessica who made an awesome work with the translation!

I want to spread the love from I -アイ-, so please feel free to share or link to this interview on your blog/website etc (and please send a note to me when doing so🙂 ).

Interview with I -アイ-

What is the main thing you want to express through your music?
Hiroaki: Its freedom ^^. I want you to feel free music.
Yuki: That it reach inside each person.

What do you feel when you are on stage?
Hiroaki: I always look at our fans, then It feels like our hearts become one.
Yuki: I’m very excited!

Do you like any non-Japanese bands and artists? In that case, which are they?
Hiroaki: Michael Jackson.
Yuki: I like beautiful music, it doesn’t matter from where.

Is there anything a fan can do catch your interest during a show?
Hiroaki: Love us. ^^
Yuki: It’s freely.

Do you have any fun live-memory to share?
Hiroaki: We are used to be happy when we are together. ^^
Yuki: What he said.

What do you think is good qualities in a girlfriend?
Hiroaki: To use kind words every day.
Yuki: The feeling of air.

If you would reincarnate as an animal, what do you think you would become?
Hiroaki: Dog.
Yuki: Bird.

Yuki, what are Hiroaki’s best qualities?
Yuki: He has a lot of spirit.

Hiroaki, what are Yuki’s best qualities?
Hiroaki: His guitar arrangement is beyond imagination.

Do you have fears or phobias?
Hiroaki: I’m not afraid of anything.
Yuki: Bad smells.

What used to be your favorite subject in school?
Hiroaki: Language and art.
Yuki: Math, music and art.

What was your favorite hobby as a child?
Hiroaki: Pen and notebook.
Yuki: Playing guitar.

What is your best childhood memory?
Hiroaki: Sitting inside the basket of my grandmother’s bike.
Yuki: Playing guitar and basketball.

Have you been to Europe before?
Hiroaki: In a previous life. ^^
Yuki: No.

What do you expect?
Hiroaki: Stimulating cultures.
Yuki: Cultural differences.

How do you spend your time during long flights?
Hiroaki: Looking at the earth.
Yuki: Sleep.

Do you expect European fans do be different from Japanese fans?
Hiroaki: I think the hearts are the same. So I want to love Japanese and European fans a lot.
Yuki: Everyone is with us.

If a fan would bring you a gift, what would you prefer: sweets, jewelry, paintings or something else?
Hiroaki: I want only one thing… happy smiles.
Yuki: I’m happy for anything.

I -アイ-

Let’s focus a bit on where you are going on your European tour. Let’s start with an association game in which you tell us your first thoughts when hearing the name of a country. It doesn’t matter if the association is logical or not, it can be anything, a feeling, a color etc.

Hiroaki: Wine and perfume.
Yuki: Light blue.

Hiroaki: Wind, calm place.
Yuki: Quiet.

Hiroaki: Ex-girlfriend.
Yuki: Beer.

Hiroaki: Chocolate.
Yuki: Chocolate.

Hiroaki: Good food. ^^
Yuki: Good food.

Hiroaki: Beautiful nature.
Yuki: IKEA, blue, white.

French is considered to be “the language of love”. Do you know any French words and will you speak any French during your gigs in France?
Hiroaki: ”Bonjour”, ”Oui”. ^^
Yuki: Look forward to it at the venue.

The Dutch people (Netherlands) are the tallest in the world, with an average height of 184 cm for men and 170 cm for women. Can you consider a (love)partner taller than you?
Hiroaki: It’s OK ^^ but… I’m 172 cm… ToT
Yuki: It’s OK.

Germany is known for its good beers and Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world. When you drink, do you get quiet and sleepy, or energetic and loud?
Hiroaki: I become noisy, it’s fun.
Yuki: Different from different drinks.

Belgians claim to have invented chips (French fries). What is your favorite “fast food”?
Hiroaki: Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Yuki: French fries.

Luxembourg is the least populated country in the European Union, with only 465,000 inhabitants, but still they use three different languages. Do you know any language except Japanese? Is there any language you would like to learn?
Hiroaki: I want to learn all the languages in the world.
Yuki: I don’t mind languages.

Few people drink more coffee than the Swedes. Do you like coffee? In that case black or with milk and sugar?
Hiroaki: Yes, but only with milk, because I’m already sweet. ^^
Yuki: I love it. Black only.

Thank you, Hiroaki and Yuki so much for participating in this interview!


Band: I -アイ-
Pronunciation: Like the English “I” or “eye”.
Formed: 2011

16/1 2014 : France | Roubaix, Bar Live 301, TICKETS
17/1 2014 : Netherlands | Den Haag, 330live, INFORMATION and TICKETS
18/1 2014 : Germany | Cologne, MTCTICKETS
19/1 2014 : Belgium | Bruxelles, LR6TICKETS
23/1 2014 : Luxembourg | Rock BoxTICKETS
24/1 2014 : France | Paris | Abracadabar – FREE EVENT! Obligatoric drink only (2 euros)
25/1 2014 : Sweden | Stockholm, Lakeside TICKETS


Vocal: Hiroaki Nakashima (I-アイ-)

Guitar: Yuki Aneyoshi (I-アイ-)

Vocal: Hiroaki Nakashima Guitar: Yuki Aneyoshi

I-アイ- Official Website
I-アイ- on Facebook
I-アイ- Official Fanpage on Facebook

I-アイ- | iTunes

Other posts about I -アイ- on my blog
I -アイ-

Facebook Bloodtype Birthday
Hiroaki Nakashima Hiroaki Nakashima: O Hiroaki Nakashima: Dec 29th 1978
Yuki Aneyoshi Yuki Aneyoshi: A Yuki Aneyoshi: May 22nd 1981

Nyanko Scandal Factory is European Manager to I -アイ-:

Nyanko Scandal Factory

Ticket info Cologne

Sale start up from 1.11.2013.
Presale is about 20,- Euro.
A Ticket and Vip wil be about 30, Euro
Send us: Name + Adress + e-mail Address + Number of Tickets
Order your Ticket via: steff@astan-magazin.de
Purpose/subject is: I-AI
Vip includes:
– Early entrance
– Photo with the Artists
– Signed Poster

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