VIP-ticket to Jupiter!

After a month’s waiting, I finally got it: My VIP-ticket to the Jupiter concert in Köln, February 7th 2014. 🙂

VIP ticket Jupiter Cologne

I wonder if I will meet any of you there? I will travel alone, as I usually do.

I’ve seen Versailles twice, so I can’t help but wondering if this will feel similar or not.


Versailles 26/6 2010, Oslo
Versailles 2/10 2011, London




There is always questions concerning concerts and tickets so I share 33Degrees own information here:

Dear fans,

Many of you have contacted us with several questions about the tickets’ privileges, and the sales.

We will write here all the conditions about the sales. If something still isn’t clear to you, then please let us know.

The ticket sale will be on Saturday, November 9th at 12:00AM (GMT+2).
As we are aware of a website crash that could occur, we will divide the sale between two places. At first, our Facebook webshop Ecwid, and on our official website, which link will be given very soon.

As previously announced, the regular tickets will be numbered, which means the faster you will purchase it, the smallest your number will be, the sooner you will enter the live hall. This way you will be able to calmly access the merchandising table or the stage, without any rush, and you will have more time during the day to check in your hotel, visit the city etc…

About the different ticket advantages,

They are listed as follow :

Regular (33EUR)

-Entering the live hall at gates open hours

Premium (60EUR)

-Live included

-Entering the live hall one hour before the gates open (possibility to
join the first row, behind the VIPs)

-Premium access to the merchandising

-Handshake with the band when entering the venue

-Grouped photo with the band and premium tickets


-Live included

-Entering the venue two hours before the gates open (First row
guaranteed if wanted)

-VIP access to the merchandising

-Special Meet & Greet with the band

-Questions/Answer with the band

-Special signing session

-Individual picture with the band and your favorite member

Please, remember that in the VIP and Premium Accesses, you will have to enter the venue during the afternoon, so please make sure you are available the day of the show.
VIP tickets will be registered with your real name, there will be no refund or exchange possible once you have purchased it.
You have until the ticket sale to double-check your availability the day of the live.

You will be able to purchase tickets as follow :

VIP – One per person/purchase
Premium – Until 3 per person/purchase
Regular – Until 5 per person/purchase

As the tickets will be numbered, if you want to attend the live with a regular ticket with your friend, please make sure to try and buy several tickets at once, so your numbers will follow.

There will be an extra cost of 50cents per purchase, for the shipping fees.

The design of the tickets will be revealed soon.

Please stay tuned for other announcements concerning Jupiter tour, there is more to come.

Best regards,

-33Degrees Staff


Band: Jupiter
Formed: 2013
Background: All members except Zin are ex-members of Versailles


Vocal: Zin (Jupiter) Guitar: Hizaki (Jupiter) Guitar: Teru (Jupiter) Bass: Masashi (Jupiter) Drums: Yuki (Jupiter)

Jupiter Official Webpage
Jupiter Official Facebook

Other posts about Jupiter on my blog:

Jupiter Blog Versailles Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Zin Zin Zin: B Zin: Sep 1st
Hizaki Hizaki Hizaki: AB Hizaki: Feb 17th
Teru Teru Teru Teru: O Teru: April 10th
Masashi Masashi Masashi Masashi: O Masashi: April 25th
Yuki Yuki Yuki: A Yuki: Feb 18th

Member History


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  1. Congratulations on your ticket to Jupiters concert! I came across your post through Google because I’m looking for measurements of the Jupiter VIP ticket. It’s really random, I know, but could you possibly answer my question? It’s just that I need the measurements for a gift I’m going to give to my friend who will be going to the Jupiter concert that same day! Exciting! I hope to hear from you soon, if it’s too much of a bother, don’t worry, I will figure something out. Thanks for your time, enjoy the concert!

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