LIVE REPORT the GazettE- MMB LIVE in Yokosuka Arts Theater 2013/11/02

Credit: crimson_styx

– During the first break, Aoi and Reita were huddled at a corner whispering at each other.

– Reita was about to grab another pick when Aoi blocked and slapped his arm. He tried to get back at Aoi but the latter proved to be a fast cat.

– 2nd ENCORE. Members going back to the stage,Aoi tailing Reita while playfully skipping & gesturing to kick Ruki like a kid but dared not to do it.

– Reita and Uruha went towards Ruki’s empty platform and played together. Aoi noticed them so he childishly skipped towards them and joined!

– Reita was spinning nonstop and probably got dizzy that he ended up giving Uruha a bear hug for support.

– It happened again! RUKI’s sneaky arm snaked across Uruha’s chest. Uruha mouthed “うるせい” back at RUKI.

– Aoi went in front of Kai’s drum set and was doing something I couldn’t see w/his back facing the crowd, Kai laughed and mouthed “ばか”.

– To start the set for ballad tracks theGazettE played LOSS with piano chords added to its intro.

– 3rd ENCORE. Reita came out with a red bandanna covering half of his face AND another red strap covering his forehead!

– 3rd ENCORE. Ruki was wearing a black BOY LONDON t-shirt and a long flimsy grey blazer with an open front.

Ruki (The GazettE)


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai

the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook
the GazettE Official Fanclub – HERESY
Ruki’s Instagram

Other posts about the GazettE on my blog:
The GazettE (ガゼット)

Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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