New hide tribute albums upcoming!

There has recently been several hide tribute albums released, but lo and behold – there will be more goodies for us hide-fans!

Hideto (hide) Matsumoto

On December 18th, 2 new hide tribute albums will be released.

  • hide TRIBUTE VI -Female SPIRITS-

As you might suspect, the first one will be hide songs interpreted by female artists. Among these are Aoyama Thelma, Koda Kumi and Wakeshima Kanon.

The other one – Rock SPIRITS – will contain 11 songs by bands like D’ERLANGER, GLAY and THE NOVEMBERS.

This truly sounds interesting, I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

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Hideto hide Matsumoto


Artist name: hide
Real name: 
Hideto Matsumoto (松本秀人)
Occupations: Songwriter, guitarist, singer
Also known as: lead guitarist in X JAPAN
Solo career start: 1997 (after disbandment of X JAPAN)

template-cakeDecember 13th 1964, born in Kanagawa, Yokosuka
template crossMay 2nd 1998, in Tokyo

Member History

Hideto hide Matsumoto

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