New Look: Vistlip

Vistlip has a new look. what do you think?

Vocal: Tomo (Vistlip)

Vocal: Tomo

Guitar: Umi (Vistlip)

Guitar: Umi

Guitar: Yuh (Vistlip)

Guitar: Yuh

Bass: Rui (Vistlip)

Bass: Rui

Drums: Tohya (Vistlip)

Drums: Tohya



Member History

  • Vo. Tomo → D’e lude → Kuroneko Yamato → Jessica → Replia(support) → vistlip
  • Gt. Yuh → Желать → SIN → Jessica → vistlip
  • Gt. Umi → Zeek  → Replia  → vistlip
  • Ba. Rui → COЯE THE CHILD(Shunsuke) → Jessica(Rui) → vistlip
  • Dr. Tohya → RAVE!!(Tomoya) → Replia(support), YUKiTO-Heart of Project- → vistlip(Tohya)

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