Bye Bye VelBet :´-(

I got pretty low the other day when I heard about VelBet’s disbandment. They are a favorite of mine and I kind of hoped that they would be there forever. :-/

They will have one final one-man live on March 31st at Shibuya O-WEST, but then it’s over.

Message from VelBet:

Thank you very much for always supporting VelBet. There is an important message to everyone.
VelBet decided to end activities after the last one-man “Sekai de mottomo kyoubouna hi” (Most violent day in the world) on 31st March 2014 (Mon) at Shibuya O-WEST.
Since start of activities on 6th January 2009 we worked to overcome all difficulties, which arose. Through the time little by little the path of the members in regards to band’s future has changed. Even though many times we discussed to determine the difficulties and to continue as a band, this time the right decision was disbandment. To everyone, who supported us, sorry that such thing occurs.
VelBet celebrates its fifth anniversary in January 2014 next year, at that point we realize that because everyone has supported us, we was able to make it that far.
In the time left until 31st March 2014, VelBet will remain the same. We will continue to devote further.

VelBet (Riuki, Kaie, Yuna, Ryohei, Natsuka)



Band: VelBet (ベルベット)
Formed: 2008


Vocal: Riuki (リウキ) (VelBet) Guitar: Kaie (VelBet) Guitar: Yuuna (ュゥナ) (VelBet) Bass: Ryohei (猟平) (VelBet) Drums: Natsuka (VelBet)
Vocal: Riuki
Guitar: Kaie Guitar: Yuuna
Bass: Ryohei
Drums: Natsuka

VelBet Official Webpage

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VelBet (ベルベット)

Blog Twitter Fan-mail Bloodtype Birthday
Riuki Riuki Riuki Riuk: O Riuki: Sep 5th
Kaie Kaie Kaie Kaie: A Kaie: Sep 27th
Yuuna Yuuna Yuuna Yuuna: A Yuuna: Feb 8th
Ryohei Ryohei Ryohei Ryohei: B Ryohei: Aug 5th
Natsuka Natsuka Natsuka Natsuka: AB Natsuka: Aug 19th

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