The GazettE radio interview (pics, sound & reports)

The other day, Reita, Ruki and Aoi were guests at the Japanese radio show “Midnight Rock City” (NACK5, October 19th 2013).


If you know Japanese, you migth enjoy listening to a recording of the show here: Ruki, Reita & Aoi at NACK5

Pictures from the happening

What did they talk about?

(The following compilation of what they talked about is from The GazettE Worldwide Fans.)

■■ Ruki misplaced his passport twice. Once was in Russia.

./ /

■■ Ruki: I’ve never forgotten to bring pants. I always bring pants same as number of days I go out.

■■Reita: I brought 10 pants during 14 days of world tour.

./ /

■■ Ruki; Is that enough? (pants) Reita: I wash it. If I really need a pants, I’ll just borrow from you (Ruki)


■■ 「Hobby」 Reita: If its Ruki, it’ll be clothes, goods, drama, movie and things like that. Mine would be car, and bikes and travelling too.

Ruki: You wrote birds too right? XD

Aoi: Mine would be camera.

Reita: If camera, I’ll just buy it and the end of story.

Aoi: you couldn’t be just sleeping in hotel at overseas right?

Aoi: Take the photo of us, members, and others and make it a good memory.

Reita: I always wanted to try camera.

Aoi Ruki: Stop bullshitting.

Reita: Yeah. Sorry for that.

Reita: Ruki never bought one too right?? (camera)

Ruki: Ah I got one in a bowling party in office and gave it to others.

./ /

■■ Reita: I helped an uncle before.

Aoi Ruki: Stop lying.

Reita; Really! Listen to me! Listen!

Reita: It was a rainy day when I was driving. I saw an uncle carry no umbrella. I stopped my car. He was drunk. I drove him to his house.

Aoi; Places like tokyo. We dont know who lives beside you. so I’ll help people. Like carrying their luggage up stairs.

./ /

■■Aoi; I like radish.

Ruki: me too me too.

Reita; Eh?

Ruki; Yeah hehehehe

Reita: egg.

Ruki: potato too.

Reita. Yeah potato.

./ /

■■ Q: if you’re going to an island without anyone. Who would u bring?

Reita: Aoi. Because he’ll take photo.

Ruki: me too Aoi.

Aoi: no one. My own world

■■ Q: each other’s weakness.

Ruki Reita Aoi: HAHAHAH

Reita: Aoi, what would it be?

Aoi; that that..

Reita: if its Aoi, zombie games (biohazard)

Reita: aoi would die XD

Aoi Reita: What would Ruki’s be?

Reita: he dont cry a lot too. hmm.. strawberry? but but is that weakness?

./ /

■■Ruki; Really if im going to an isolated island, i would bring Kai. Because I can bully him plus he will rock the island too.

Reita: Me would be Uruha. Because he always seemed calm.

./ /

■■Q: suggest me a way to relieve stress.

Ruki; sleep.

Reita: hmm..

Aoi: ofuro.

Reita: eh like how?

Aoi; especially in summer and you put your legs in. Ah..

Reita: actually.. I hate ofuro.

■■ Q: what u want a girl to wear during a winter?

Ruki: what would be ok..

Reita; yeah right.

Ruki: when i see them wearing skirts, i thought its cold.

Reita: stop lying.

Ruki: mini skirt hehe

Reita: whut

Ruki: maybe long skirt? XD

Aoi: I like pants style actually.

Reita: Like an adult. But isn’t everyone like mini skirt?

Ruki: how about you?

Reita: i cant with mini skirt but shoes, those with a bit of heels.

Reita: Isnt that a bit hentai?

Reita; ehh me?

Reita: but but… all of us a hentai?

Reita: well from girls view we are

Ruki Aoi Reita: heheh

./ /

■■ Reita; our make up is thick right?

Aoi: especially when i go overseas, i really think japanese do wear thick make ups

./ /

■■Q: fav fruit

Aoi: me? pear.

Reita: Me too me too (in english) pear is goddamn nice.

■■ Q: its halloween soon, what u wanna dress as?

Aoi: from last year, in my house, vampire?

Ruki; me would be adam’s family.

Reita; i wanna dress as a spiderman or something like that.

./ /

■■Ruki: my throat starts to hurt a bit now.

Reita: ikr. I wonder we can continue till 4am?

./ /

■■(reading tongue twisting now.) Ruki: ni hao! (In chinese, it means, hello)

■■ Reita: live tour 13, beautifuru deformity, magunifisen maruformed box. how was that?

Ruki: it was horrible.

■■ Reita: We will sell our souls for the live.

Aoi: no we cant sell our souls

Reita: yeah we wont be selling it too

./ /

■■ (phone) Reita: Im Reita y’know?


Ruki: I’m Ruki.

Aoi: I’m Aoi:


Reita: how u think a very feminine girl is like?

Ruki: We sounded like old uncles asking question.

Reita: are you a student?

A: nono Im working now.

Reita; how would the girl be? example of an artist?

A: maybe Mika Nakashima?

Aoi: Lets get married.

Reita: Ruki is quite feminine too. See he do bring pouch everywhere.

Ruki: whut

Reita: how u think pajama is cute? when we wear it?

A: those cute fluffy ones.

Ruki; fluffy ones.. Uruha do wear those right?

Reita; after calling, please put on an apron and start to cook

A: what to cook?

Ruki: maybe Kiriboshi daikon? 「dry slice radish」

./ /

■■ Q: what word will make u happy when a girl said it to you?

Ruki: you’re so kind!

Reita: when i was praised

■■q: a word for the releasing album

Reita: what what

Aoi: what? Please listen? its not sales!!

Aoi; so what would it be?

./ /

■■q: please use a cute voice to introduce yourself.

Reita: Reita deshuu

Aoi: aoi de

Ruki: gazetto no ruki dayo! (fast pace)

(For that cute voice part please do listen to the recording because its really cute!)

./ /

■■ Ruki: like Owada jomu (in Hanzawa drama) (mimicking owada’s voice) Yatte mina! yatte mina! [Do it ! Do it! ]

■■ q: what car u want now? aoi: benz maybe? the one with open roof. quite erotic right? hehe

./ /

■■q: if you was being done, will you payback? 「やられたら、やり返しますか a famous quote in Hanzawa drama」

Reita Ruki: 倍返しだ!!!(double payback!!)

■■ Reita: u look sleepy, read it!!

Ruki: nono im not sleepy at all

Reita; even if you’re sleepy , I won’t let you to!

■■ Reita: when i go overseas…hmm.. i dont think i bought lots of stuffs but clothes

■■ Reita: its a good memory (chibi maruko)

Aoi: piriyara piriyara

Reita: piriyara

./ /

■■ Aoi: my fav song! i get to know it from my bro. is it ok to play it? is it ok? —play Extreme’s song-

■■ Reita; phone call again! hmm its not connected yet though.

Ruki: moshi moshi.

Reita; not yet.

Ruki: moshi moshi

./ /

■■ A: my front door is smelly. I would like to know how to get rid of it.

Reita: Maybe you can try checking your shoe rack?

Ruki; What kind of smell is that?

(phone call ended)

Aoi; Cant you guys give a better solution to the problem (smelly entrance)??

■■ Ruki: its really not the time to play that song. (Crucify my love by X Japan)

Reita; We will go on still!

Aoi Reita Ruki: O~ha~yo~~

./ /

■■ Reita: I had that pants incident too. I accidentally put my sisters underwear in my bag. I wanted to bring a white towel I just took it and put it in my bag but that white towel was actually my sisters underwear!

■■ Q: ringname: I love Kai!

Reita: this isn’t good. Not in atmosphere.

Aoi; not good at all.

./ /

■■ q: If u have one week of holiday what u wanna do.

ruki: Go to overseas. But I never actually did

Aoi: i wanna go to Italy.

Reita; For their food ne?

aoi: Yeah its nice

ruki: i will travel. to a place where i can put down everything and relax

reita: i wont have a destination but i will go to nagoya first and decide where to go after that. maybe osaka or what.

./ /

Reita: Hamburger = Rock
Ruki: metal = pasta
Aoi : alcohol = rock

■■ q: rock food/place Aoi: izakaya (japanese pub) , iburigakko [Akita’s food] Ruki: something grilled.

■■ they like banana roll..

./ /

■■ Aoi: I like sochu (japanese wine). beer is okay too.

■■ q: i wanna do time travel.

Aoi: to 2 weeks ago?

Ruki: i wanna go back to mama’s womb

./ /

■■ q: are u good at cleaning?

Ruki: nono i cant

Reita: definitely no.

Aoi: yeah

Reita: but Ruki is good at it right?

Ruki: just my table

■■ q: what will u do if u become a girl?

ruki: use aoi’s camera to take a selfie

./ /

■■q: what u do first when u reach house?

Reita: wash my hand.

Ruki: change clothes. and wash it.

■■ q: what u want the most from doraemon.

Reita: that thing right?

Aoi: yeah.

aoi reita ruki: 1 .. 2 .. 3.. DOKODEMO DOOR!!!

./ /

■■ q: first thing youll do when u reach house

Reita: wash my hand.

Ruki: change clothes. and wash it.

Aoi: wash my face.

ruki: eh eh?

reita: ehhhh?

ruki; where?

aoi; shower room?

./ /

■■ q: kinoko or takenoko (mushroom or bamboo shoot)

ruki aoi reita: 1 .2…3 takenoko (but aoi said kinoko)

reita; eh aoi why?

ruki: lets do it again.

ruki reita aoi: takenoko!!


■■ q: ginkgo in chawanmushi (cup egg)

ruki: nono cannot.

aoi: i must have it.

ruki: i ate it once and like ‘why this is in??”


■■ q: if u have a dokodemo door where u wanna go? reita; to shower room and look at people heheheh

ruki; first of all, go back to house

reita; thats right

./ /

■■ q: after this show ended what will u do?

ruki: use dokodemo door n go back asap.

reita; doraemon lend it to us!!

ruki: (cute voice) dokodemo

./ /

■■ q: flavor of onigiri

Reita: ume (plum)

Ruki: chicken

Reita; like a kid. surely a kid!!

Aoi; me would be ume and konbu!

Ruki: its onigiri and its something japanese i like everything

./ /

■■ q: something u must have in refrigerator

aoi: egg

reita: carbonated drink


■■ ruki: i wanted to try bass.

reita: eh whyy

ruki: its looks cool and like cool!

reita: stop joking

ruki: bass feels like an adult

the end of midnight rock city! Thanks for reading and it might contain some error I’m sorry for that. It’s really tiring. Hope you’ll like it!



Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai

the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook
the GazettE Official Fanclub – HERESY
Ruki’s Instagram

Other posts about the GazettE on my blog:
The GazettE (ガゼット)

Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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