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SHOXX EditonThe GazettE’s world tour is over now – for this time – but I’ll keep celebrating it by sharing pictures & TEXTS from the SHOXX FiLE Editions 1 & 2, starting from the beginning.

If you like them, then I recommend you to buy the editions. For example at CDJapan:
SHOXX FiLE Edtion.1 | the GazettE 2003 – 2007
SHOXX FiLE Edition.2 | the GazettE 2007 – 2009

Now and then, the GazettE members wrote  small columns in the jrock magazine SHOXX, called “Red Motel” and these can be found in the FiLE Editions. The texts are originally in Japanese, but I found some translations for you.

The funny thing about Red Motel, is that the topic was determined by the previous GazettE member, so it could be about absolutely anything!

Red Motel #7

Uruha – When I Feel Truly Human

I, Uruha am in charge of the 7th entry for the Red Motel column! Let’s begin!!

Last time my bro Ruki gave me an absurd and complicated topic. I somehow found a way around it though. But I breathe a sigh of relief when Ruki gave me a decent topic to talk about this time around.
The topic is simply [The day I became a person] … This topic is for spirits who can’t wait for their time to become human! I am born and bred as a human. Up to now, I’m still living my life to the fullest. So I guess the topic is about living, right?
My thoughts went deep into this…。[The day when I became human] …is when I do something that I love. In other words, when I’m in a band! I know, I know. What a boring & predictable answer. But I can’t think of anything else that makes me feel more alive.
Being in a band. It’s the one thing that I am most proud of. The only one thing I can puff my chest out and boast about it. Especially on what we just achieved recently. Gazetto just performed their 1st one-man live at Shibuya-AX! At that moment, I felt so happy to be alive! It wasn’t because the venue was big or that loots of people came to see us play. I was happy to see the band running towards the same target, living our life to the fullest!
Before that day, I was filled with worries and had lots on my mind and kept on practicing. We gave our all for Shibuya-AX live. Whether the live would be a success or not is not the case. What’s important is what we do now!
I’m not saying that we should be content with whatever happens but there are lots to do in the present so let’s just focus on the now. And when you’ve achieved your goal, you can move on to your next one! Run forward! No looking back!
And that’s what [Living] is for me. It’s what I must do to feel truly human. Yes. With the Shibuya-AX live as an example, I’ve answered Ruki’s topic, [The day I became human]. And with that, Uruha out! ( ̄* ̄)
Oh! Next up is Aoi! Aoi, your topic is [Where in the world did Bin Laden go?]. Aoi has absolute secret meetings with Bin Laden so I hope we can get a special interview with him!
Translation source: Gentle lie

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