Music tip: Decadence with Jupiter

Another song from Jupiters first and so far only album CLASSICAL ELEMENT released August 28th this year.

I really like the choir singing…

Music: Hizaki
Lyrics: Hizaki

Lyrics translated into English by Ariane

The black sun gives life to the dwellers of darkness
Sweet temptation makes dissolute heart beat faster

In the endless solitude I yearn for everything, what disappears
Defaced by the thorns lurking on rose dunes I should bow

I curse my own fate, which bounded me with this sinful cross
Far away in a foreign land I shall proclaim the story handed on

We exchanged kisses, so from now on at night there always will be chaos
In you*, who with bated breath worries, I will awake the carved crest

Tonight let’s dance together
Decadence, which belongs only to us
Let’s change immateriality in images
In an endless dream

Tonight, drunk with darkness
With our common decadence
Now in a spiral of memories
Let’s condemn ourselves to oblivion

After the death in solitude, which will find its end
I saw a dream, which end has been buried
To beloved rose I will give
Life after death


Band: Jupiter
Formed: 2013
Background: All members except Zin are ex-members of Versailles


Vocal: Zin (Jupiter) Guitar: Hizaki (Jupiter) Guitar: Teru (Jupiter) Bass: Masashi (Jupiter) Drums: Yuki (Jupiter)

Jupiter Official Webpage
Jupiter Official Facebook

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