Noooo! JaiL will leave JILUKA!

I have been waiting SO for some news concerning this band I find so promising… but I didn’t expect sad news like this. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Due to personal reasons JILUKA’s drummer JaiL will depart after their live at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2013/10/21.

I sure hope the band continues their activities and finds another drummer soon.

And JaiL – good luck whatever has happened to you! <3

Drums: JaiL (JILUKA)


Formed: 2013


Vocal: Kanata (JILUKA) Guitar: Sena (JILUKA) Bass: Boogie (JILUKA) Drums: JaiL (JILUKA)
Vocal: Kanata
Guitar: Sena Bass: Boogie Drums: JaiL

JILUKA Official Webpage

Other posts about JILUKA on my blog

Member History

  • Vo. Kanata → JILUKA
  • Gt. Sena → INCLINE → AfterEffect → un:slip → JILUKA
  • Ba. Boogie → JILUKA
  • Dr. JaiL JILUKA
Blog Twitter Favorite Birthday
Kanata Kanata Kanata: KOOL-MILD Kanata: Dec 30th
Sena Sena Sena: LONE ONES, Bloody Mary Sena: Aug 25th
Boogie Boogie Boogie: Pierce Boogie: April 3rd
JaiL JaiL JaiL: Alcohol JaiL: Mars 15th

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