Live report: GazettE in Munich (my story)

Two days ago, I saw the GazettE in Dortmund: Live report: GazettE in Dortmund (my story)

Today, I saw them in Munich.

Omg… what a day… and what an evening… I need time to let all impressions sink in. This was truly wonderful – and somehow unbelievable. It all feels like a dream.

My precious VIP-ticket.

VIP tickets

VIP ticket

The day and waiting was long though. Me an Mono Chrome arrived at the venue at 7.30 in the morning and we were definitely not the first ones. I got queueing number 65 among the VIP and fanclub members.

Number 65

Number 65

It was cold as hell and I realized that I really need to buy some extra clothes or blankets for Finland. We talked with other fans and signed tour-flags.

Fan tour flag

Fan tour flag

We met a lot of people that had been in Dortmund as well. Among these was the girl who gave me water during the Dortmund-concert, Raoii, and now I got the opportunity to thank her. She was accompanied by her friend Suzuki.

Suzuki & Raoii

Suzuki & Raoii

It was Raoii’s birthday and Suzuki had made her a beautiful Gazette-rainbow cake that we all could taste. ^^

GazettE rainbow cake

GazettE rainbow cake

A couple of girls from Switzerland took the initiative to hand out small papers to all fans, letting them write personal letters to the Gazette. The letters were then put in a piggy bank and handed to the staff.

Me and Mono Chrome with out letters

Me and Mono Chrome with out letters

Some fans had organized a queueing system and even though it was for a good cause, this was the most confusing queueing ever. I don’t even have the energy to talk about it. But it was with this system I got number 65 and in the end it let me enter the venue pretty early. The venue in Munich was much much bigger than in Dortmund and the arriving amount of fans was massive.

I really tried to eat and drink smart this time. I was afraid that I was going to be one of them passing out this night – but I didn’t.

Mono Chrome is so sweat. She bought me Dextro Energy and Redbull! ❤

Dextro and Red bull

Dextro and Red bull

The fanclub members could enter the venue first, which decreased my chances to get a good spot on the front row. So far, the European fans have been crazy. Some very sweet but some also very rude. The guards had to shout constantly “Don’t push!!!”

Here, me and other VIP had been lead up to the VIP entrance.

Fans gathered

Fans gathered

My VIP passes. 🙂

VIP passes

VIP passes

In the venue, me and Mono Chrome took a spot to the left, on Aoi’s and Reita’s side. I ended up on third row, but could easily grab then crush barrier if I needed to. This was a very good spot, in contrast to standing in the middle in front of Ruki, which I did in Dortmund. Here was no pushing, I could wave my hands and clap, headbang and jump. This is the reason why this concert felt so much more enjoyable than the last one.

People was excited and – just as in Dortmund – we clapped the rythm to Linda ~Pinky Heaven Bloody Hell~ before the concert started.

And very punctual at 8.00 PM, the live started… and according to routines for this world tour it started with XI. White spotlights from the front of the stage piled down and looked like bars of light. Then to a punching rythm, the big “GazettE”-flag on the wall got lightened up.

People went crazy and screamed. Kai enterted, Aoi and Reita entered, Uruha entered and last Ruki.

I was looking at Aoi a lot to see if he was well or not. I haven’t been able to follow the news on Internet much during this journey, but apparantly he has been very very sick. In Toulouse they first didn’t want to do an encore, since both Ruki and Aoi didn’t feel well. But the crowd craved an encore so intensly so they got one in the end. During the Dortmund concert, Aoi was very very sick. He was pale like a ghost and was about to throw up. In the end of the concert he had to sit down.

But he seemed to feel a little bit better now and I’m so happy for it. Maybe he still felt very sick (I heard that he have had 40 degrees Celcius fever.. :-(), but it didn’t show much.

Firs song was DERANGEMENT. Ruki moved like he was a robot or a broken doll, with his arms stretched out to the sides, crooked and he snapt forward like he broke his back. He threw a kiss to the audience and kept doing this strange ragdoll dance during the solos of the song. It was very sexy.

Next song was GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS. Reita run forward and showed off his skills. Aoi – who I stood closest and could see very well – made a weird face towards us, stared like he had went temporarily possessed and then he made his sexy dance where he moves his hips like a belly dancer.

Time for VENOMOUS SPIDER’S WEB. Apparently, this is a song where Ruki choose to offer some fanservice, ’cause just like in Dortmund, he started to touch himself in the groin very sexy. Oh la la. Here, I don’t really know what happened to Aoi, if something got stuck in his ear or if it was an expression of the song, ’cause he tilted his head to the side and punched it with his hand several times. You know, like an expression of insanity. It looked very cool to the music.

Next up: VORTEX! Ruki wanted us to JUMP JUMP JUMP! And we did. 🙂 Aoi rocked so hard. I couldn’t believe he had been so sick. He swinged his head around and gave us true attitude.

Next song was Before I decay. Ruki held his hand over his eyes and looked out over the audience, like he was scouting.

Then it was time for THE SUICIDE CIRCUS which seem to be a favorite among many. Aoi swirled around like he was doing a piruette. At a point of the song, Ruki, put his finger to his lips and hushed and then he made the most awesome painful scream ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE. He put the cable to the microphone between his teeth in a very sexy way and the audience went wild. Aoi pointed at someone in the audience and smiled.

They drank water. The stage was dark. Then suddenly some soft tones and soft lightning. Ruki went towards us. His eyes looked empty. Like he couldn’t see. He moved around with his hand stretched out, like he was lost and tried to find something. Time for DRIPPING INSANITY, as emotional as in Dortmund. And all over again followed up by UNTITLED. These songs are sooooo beautiful.

Then they played a song that they actually didn’t play in Dortmund: AGONY! (Wohoo!) Aoi smiled a lot and looked at us so softly. He seemed so genuinly happy to be there. Such fragile smile. He looked kind and humble. It was adorable.

Reita came over to our side and made us rock harder. That guy truly has attitude. Mono Chrome said that his but was sexy, but I couldn’t find it… ^_- (So small…) In the end of the song, Aoi put both of his hands in front of his mouth and blew away a kiss to us. So sweet.

Kai, this man with the most beautiful smile in the world, smiled constantly. It looks like he can’t be happier than behind the drums. ^^

AGONY was followed up by another song that we didn’t hear in Dortmund either: Remember the urge! Rock on! Ruki drank water and squirted it up in the air like a fountain of watery fog. In the end he put his microphone horisontally over his neck and made a gesture like he was about to cut himself. He made this weird/crazy – and so adorable – laugh and it was time for Headache Man. That is such a great song and I was happy to hear it again. He ended it with is crazy laugh as well.

Then I was about to cry, ’cause they played my absolute favorite song from the DIVISION album that I really was hoping that they would play: REQUIRED MALFUNCTION. It’s so beautiful, the harmonies, the lyrics… I screamed of happiness and sang along. I was close to tears.

It was followed up by another favorite: Filth in the beauty. An acoustic guitar had been brought up next to Aoi and he played the acoustic part to the song. He switched between that guitar and his electric guitar very smoothly. Damn, he’s an awesome guitarplayer. Unfortunately, Ruki’s voice started to get tired here. After all, we had heard that he have been a little sick. He let us sing a lot instead of him, which we did with delight.

In the end he spoke some german: “DANKE SCHÖN GERMANY!”

So well pronounced, Ruki! 😀

And here it was time for encore. We clapped and shouted. After… maybe fifteen minutes (?) they entered the stage again and played Shiver. Ruki’s voice had recovered a bit and he made the most awesome vibrato.

After this – to my great delight – they played HYENA (another song that they didn’t play in Dortmund). Aaaaah, that song is so AWESOME! Gosh! Reita and Aoi danced around on the stage and…

.. here it was time for some FANSERVICE again! ^^

Uruha went over to the middle and leant towards Ruki who put his arm around his neck and started to touch Uruha’s chest sensually. Zomg… Like it wasn’t hot in the venue already!

Aoi looked at someone among us and gave us “thumb up”.

And last song, the good bye song that is so happy but still makes us so sad since it symbolized the end: Linda ~Pinky Heaven Bloody Hell~

We clapped to the rythm and sang along. Ruki and Reita made this awesome crazy dance where they lean forward and kick one leg up, over and over again – you know -, it looks very tiredsome. Aoi jumped up on a box in the middle of the stage and made his wonderful solo. They started to wave us good bye and we waved back.

Finally, Uruha came over to our side and made this funny dance he does sometimes, you know, left foot kick, right foot kick, left foot kick… like he is steppdancing. ^^ And lo and behold, we could see that he actually was barefoot and danced in sandals. his toe-nails were painted black. ^^

Show was over. They threw water bottles, drumsticks and water at us. Kai made a crazy run to the middle of the stage and threw his bottle very far. Ruki poured water over us and when I got drenched in his water it felt like I got touched by God. Ha Ha.

Yepp, the end. People was crying. A lot of people have had to be lifted over the crush barrier by the guards just like in Dortmund. Everybody was sweaty and exhausted. Going to a Gazette concert is not a game – remember that you who will see them in Finland! Take care of yourselves!

After the concert music was placed while the roodies took care of the stage equipment: “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” by Guns’n roses, just as in Dortmund. I wonder if it’s GazettE who have chosen that music list.

After the show it turned out that Raoii had managed to catch one of Uruha’s plectrums. Wasn’t that an awesome birthday present to her or what? ^^

Ooooh, this has been a tough but wonderful day. Next stop is Finland, which is the Gazette tour finale this time. In Dortmund I stood in front of Ruki, this time in front of Aoi and Reita… so I hope I can stand at Uruha’s side next time. Then the circle will be comlete. ^^

A long trip awaits me… You’ll hear from me again! Over and out!

The setlist:

05. Before I decay
10. Remember the urge
11. Headache Man
13. Filth in the beauty


14. Shiver
16. Linda ~Pinky Heaven Bloody Hell~


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai

the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook
the GazettE Official Fanclub – HERESY
Ruki’s Instagram

Other posts about the GazettE on my blog:
The GazettE (ガゼット)

Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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  1. Hello 🙂
    I was also at the Munich concert and enjoyed it very much 😀
    I’m just a bit curious about the priority ticket. I had one as well and when I ordered it was said that we would get a present at the venue….. was the laminated pass the present?

    • Yes, I believe it was. And if I understood it correctly, the fanclub members got another present: another laminated pass and a black plastic bag.

  2. Why do you write ~Pinky heaven bloody hell~? :oo Isn’t it ~candy dive pinky heaven~?
    AH I’m so hoping that Helsinki’s concert will be as awesome as the other ones were!! So looking forward to that :3

  3. Hi!
    First of all let me tell you your blog is AMAZING. And I’m so happy you could go to Japan two times. I just loved your reports about the two trips and I’ll keep fingers crossed that you can go again 🙂
    I like all 6th guns but you know it’s always great to meet “older” GazettE fans. (I am one too ^^) And when I saw you also traveled that much to see the GazettE I felt that we (overseas fans) are a real family and do everything for the boys ^^

    I saw them in Paris, Toulouse and Munich. And that week was indeed the best time of my life.

    I’m sorry to read that Aoi was that sick 😥 We knew he had a cold in Paris but in Toulouse he seemed fine and was all smiley (we were standing in front of him) Poor Superstar, even if he is ill he gives his best 😥
    In Paris it was ok but Toulouse crowd really sucked when it came to the encore. I was so sad. Why couldn’t people shout from the top of their lungs??? Seriously that was our chance to express our love and gratitude for the band but only a few did that. I still don’t get it. 😦 We were so afraid they won’t come back.
    I’m so with you I want to forget all the pushing and suffering. I long to enjoy a gig in Japan when there is no pushing, fans are nice and you have enough space to have fun without disturbing others. Ok, let’s try to remember the positive things about the lives and hope they will come back and visit more countries. X(^^)X

    Ps. In Munich we were standing on Uruha’s side so thanks for sharing your point of view from the other end of the stage ^^
    Yeah Ruki’s German was excellent. And his English too. And have you seen when Aoi said “Thank you!” before leaving the stage for good: It was too cute 🙂

    • Wow, I’m very happy you like my blog – thank you! And I hope you had a wonderful time at each concert you headed to. For me it feel a little bit “unreal2 now, actually and I can’t wait to see them again. 🙂

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