Live report: GazettE in Dortmund (my story)

This is the second time I see GazettE live. They are my number one band. I saw them last year in Tokyo (DAY 5: Groan of Diplosomia).

But now… now they are in Europe. So crazy.

Like a dream.

This concert was one of my most wonderful – and horrible – concerts I’ve experienced at the same time.

I’ve just got home to my hotel, taken a – very needed shower – and type this words at the bar with a slightly injured hand (I’ll come to that…)

I can start with the setlist of tonight:

02. Leech
03. Before I decay
10. Headache Man
12. Cockroach
13. Filth in the beauty


14. Shiver
15. Ruder
16. Linda ~Pinky Heaven Bloody Hell~

I’m very pleased with the setlist, even though I could kill for hearing Miseinen live one day. I keep praying.

We arrived a little bit late to the venue, me, Mono Chrome and her friend A.

Mono Chrome and A

Me and Mono Chrome

Me and Mono Chrome

I think we arrived at 01.00 PM and the concert would start at 08.00 PM. There was 2 queues; one for VIP’s and one for regular tickets. We had VIP-tickets. 🙂

GazettE VIP-ticket

GazettE VIP-ticket

One funny thing happened during while we were waiting. The GazettE staff wandered around the area and filmed an photographed people. When I saw them, I started to wave with my Swedish flag and caught their interest.

They filmed me with flag and wondered if I they could interview me. Of course. ^^ But I got nervous and probably said a lot of weird stuff… I can’t remember. They asked if they could use the material for a DVD and I said yes, so who knows… *ha ha* Small chance, but this means I have to buy GazettE’s World Tour DVD (I would have done it anyway, but…)

My Swedish GazettE flag.

My Swedish GazettE flag.

Ok, five hours later we could enter the venue. The VIP entered first. This is my VIP-card. (Yeah, I look like a mess, the picture is taken after the concert. ^_-)

GazettE VIP

GazettE VIP

Inside the venue, I handed my little gift to a staff-member who promised to give it to the band. It was a stuffed moose (symbol of Sweden) with a post card (a picture of Swedish archipelago and a letter). I will give the GazettE my flag too, but not until Finland. I’m planning to bring it to every concert first.

Gifts to GazettE

Gifts to GazettE

There was a lot of people before us in line so we ended up on 5th/6th row from the stage. I stood in the middle, right in front of the spot where Ruki was going to be. He’s simply my favorite. ^^ The venue was actually not that big. I think it could take 1500 people.

Inside we had to wait another two hours and while it got more and more crowded, it got hotter and more difficult to breathe. Even before the concert had started, sweat was dripping from peoples faces and everybody tried to squeeze themselves as close to the stage as possible. I don’t like this kind of pushing. I faced the ceiling and tried to breathe deeply.

Lol, found this picture on Facebook. This is meeeee! ^^

Venue in Dortmund

Venue in Dortmund

The concert started with XI. Noone on stage yet. It was dark. Punching rythm. Everybody got crazy.

And then they entered. First came Kai, very welldressed. Then entered Aoi and Reita, then Uruha and last Ruki.

ZOMG… that man (Ruki) is SO beautiful! I can’t believe I’ve been standing only four meters from this man. In contrast to my last GazettE-gig when I was very far away from the stage, I could this time see everything in details. Every pearl in his necklace. I could even see the small, small, cross that was painted under his left eye. He looked like a god.

They started to play Vortex. I expected Reita’s current hairdo to make it impossible to see his eyes, but his frizzy bang was combed to the side so we could see his eye. At least in the beginning of the concert. Very soon, all members of GazettE got as sweaty as we and Aoi’s and Reita’s hair covered their faces. Ruki’s, Uruha’s and Kai’s hair remained perfect to the very end though. ^_-

Ruki spoke remarkably good English. He screamed “Hello Germany!”, “Nice to meet you!” and his wonderful: “Rrrrrrets ROCK!”

VENOMOUS SPIDER’S WEB… oh my… With his back to us, Ruki made a sexy dance, swaying his hips, and in the middle of the song he started to touch himself intensly… you know where… yes, his crotch. I counted the seconds. *ha ha* I’m a dirty old woman. This truly made my day!

Reita sticked out his tounge to us.

I must admit that the concert was about to be really tough for me at this point. The heat was awful, the pushing was awful, and I was very much dehydrated. Since it was so crowded I couldn’t move my arms. I couldn’t even clap my hands even though I wanted to. I just had to focus on breathing, keeping myself conscious and try not to fall (people were pushing a lot).

While doing this, I tried to enjoy everything I saw and heard. GazettE is truly an amazing band.

Aoi made his typical poses where he throws his head back. Uruha truly looked like a god in his new hairdo. Kai smiled. And Ruki licked his lips almost all the time, ha ha. Seeeexy.

At one moment he pointed at the people in the back, made a gesture that they would come closer, bit/kissed his finger and then threw his kiss at us.

The text on Ruki’s jacket “HOMME” was glowing in the dark and his scream in “THE SUICIDE CIRCUS” was to die for. Wonderful!

Then it was time for two slower songs. First Dripping Insanity. It was very emotional. And then the played “UNTITLED” which I absolutely love. In the end, Ruki put his hands together, like a prayer, and bit his lip. He looked bothered. We could see that this song is important to him.

People started to pass out in the crowd. They got lead back in the venue or got lifted over the crush barrier by the guards. I felt very dizzy myself, like a zombie. I wasn’t able to headbang or anything, just focusing on not passing out. We screamed for water, but the guards in the front was very bad at helping us. They kind of handed us a glass of water each and every 20 minutes… and THAT’S NOT ENOUGH WHEN AN ENTIRE CROWD is about to pass out.

One girl gave me a glass of water that had been passed back to us. There was only one drop in it and even though she looked as tired as me, she actually gave me that drop. What a wonderful person.

I thought: “I don’t want to pass out and I don’t want to leave. I must cope this situation until encore, at least.”

But during DERANGEMENT, the situation became unbearable. I was about to pass out. And when I noticed that my friend Mono Chrome was about to faint too, I decided to lead us BOTH back to the bar. Mono Chrome fell to the floor and I cried for for water for us.

I stayed there, drank water like crazy and watched Reita who now had taken Ruki’s spot in the middle of the stage. Even though I couldn’t see them as good at this spot, it was much nicer to be there, then in that chaos.

I got so happy when they played Headache Man. It’s a great song with great screams. In the end, Ruki made a very weird laugh. I loved it.
Then it was time for SLUDGY CULT and the band told us to JUMP JUMP JUMP! I had recovered a bit and was able to do that. Wonderful.

After the encore, the band entered the stage with their tour t-shirts (on which it says “Rad Man”), except Ruki who still had his HOMME-jacket.

Uruha put his hands together like praying and bowed with his head with eyes closed, as a thank you to us who asked for an encore. Ruki threw a bottle of water to the audience and said: “Thank you Germany!”

Time for Shiver! The audience got crazy again. And then the lovely punk’ish song “Ruder”! (LOVE LOVE LOVE!) Ruki screamed “REITA” when it was time for his bass-solo and he enter the middle of the stage again. Then it was time for Aoi and Uruha to enter that spot for their solo.

At this time, Ruki put his water bottle to his groin and showered the audience. *yeah yeah yeah* Reita took Ruki’s place to the right of the stage, stuck his tounge out and gave us the finger with both hands.

Last song… the traditional Linda ~Pinky Heaven Bloody Hell~… As usual, the audience was lightened up with spotlights – the band could see us! And everybody sang along and clapped their hands. I knew this was the end of this night. A very… strange night.)

Reita made his awesome “circle-jump-dance” – you know when he starts to jump and circle around with his bass like crazy (I don’t get how he do NOT get dizzy and fall while doing this.)

The end. They thanked us. We sheered. They threw bottles, drumsticks and plectrum at us. Uruhas plectrum landed in my area and I threw myself to the floor to get it. This was where I injured my hand ’cause I kind of ended up in a fight with another girl who also wanted it badly. I HAD it under my hand, but somehow she punched it and took the plektrum. I’m SO ANGRY!

People truly looked horrible at this point – and so did I. Everybody was so sweaty like we had been taking a bath. Even my bag that I have had hanging on my shoulder was soaking wet.

The merchandize was sold out fast (even before the concert). But I did some bargains. All stuff is personally designed by Ruki. He is such an amazing artist in every possible way. I bought the tour-t-shirt, the rivet slippers, makeup mirror, a towel and iPhone decoration.

GazettE Merchandize

Next stop is Munich… I will take the train there tomorrow. I hope I will be able to enter the venue earlier next time, so I can stand at the crush barrier. Then I have something to hold on to, and it’s easier to get the guards attention when you need help.

The venue in Munich is much much bigger, so… we’ll see.

Over and out.


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai

the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook
the GazettE Official Fanclub – HERESY
Ruki’s Instagram

Other posts about the GazettE on my blog:
The GazettE (ガゼット)

Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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  1. Thank you for writing this report even with a hurt hand! I hope you recover soon!
    I thought about visiting teh concert too but I finally deciced against it after I heard about the fan’s behaviour in South America! Sounds like it wasn’t much different here in Germany, uh? Ó__O Just take care of you at the next concerts! It’s not worth it to risk your health!

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