The Gazette live report from Paris gig

Here follows a live report from a fan that attended to the GazettE’s gig in France. Please check out here blog her: groan of diplosomia

Live Report : the Gazette at Le Trianon, Paris, France on September 20th 2013.

By: groan of diplosomia

To begin with, this live report is a total mess. I basically poured all my feelings into that post and therefore it doesn’t really make sense anymore. I’m sorry for being completely unable to write something properly in English … but I hope you’ll appreciate anyway.


20-09-13. I will remember this day forever. My favorite band in concert at Le Trianon in Paris, France, my country. I met an amazing girl about 2 years ago ( if I remember it well ) on Twitter and we quickly became friend, then best friends. We both followed each other because we both love the GazettE. We talked a lot about seeing them in concert together and this wish finally came true. I discovered this amazing band in 2006 on YouTube and I immediately loved their music. I could go for hours when it comes to them so I’m gonna try to be quick xD These guys saved my life so many times and stopped me from ending my life. That sounds crazy and unreal but this is the truth … without them I wouldn’t have met my best friend and this boy I love with all my heart and others I really like too ! Okay let’s go back to the concert (笑). The set list was BRILLIANT.
3 – Before I Decay
5 – Venomous Spider’s Web
8 – Untitled
11 – Sludgy Cult
LINDA ~ Candydive Pinky Heaven ~

I danced, headbanged so much my whole body hurts so much but it’s all worth it. They look so so so so so lovely in real, I just can’t even describe it (´;ω;`) ♡ I was in the 3rd row between Ruki and Uruha. But unfortunately, due to some tall and huge people I couldn’t see very well >< and at some point, I had to go in the back because I was seriously going to faint because we had no water and I was squeezed between everyone and it was just not bearable. The good point is that in the back, we were able to see the whole stage and to have a great sound !! We got to the venue at 6:30am so my energy was really low but I had SO MUCH FUN. So, they wore their FADELESS outfits and during the ENCORE, only Ruki kept his first part costume. They all looked extremely happy, Kai was smiling all the time and being just so lovely I can’t even, Reita was just being himself, sexy as fuck but so tiny ; w ; Ruki is so beautiful it hurts, Aoi is SO lovely and ugh perfect. And last but not least, Uruha is fabulous and his hair was stunning. as usual. They are extremely talented and Ruki’s voice is amazing live. They all had a lot of fun because they were all smiling and happy. We even had some fan service 8D Ruki got all pervy and Aoi and Uruha played together and Aoi touched Uruha’s chest.
During the ENCORE, we all had black hearts on a piece of paper and we all raised it when they came back on stage. They were so surprised, nothing happened for at least 10 seconds ; w ; ♡ They all made hearts with their hands and I literally died looking at Uruha doing his. ( HE WAS SO LOVELY WITH HIS DORKY SMILE YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE AKDHAHSHAH ) and then Ruki killed me with his “Je t’aime” =w= ♡ Aoi danced during LINDA and I don’t even remember when I started crying because I just couldn’t handle all my happiness anymore. I literally burst into tears and I couldn’t stop. It was brilliant. It was the best day of my life and I couldn’t thank them enough ♡ Just thank you so much the GazettE for being awesome and I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Okay I’m sorry for this messy live report but I am unable to write this properly without letting all my feelings go (´;ω;`).
Oh and btw : Since I am a HERESY/GFC member, I was a VIP and got these things as a present ( picture )
And I bought merch too of course 8D

Ah. and on a special note, thank you to my dear Yuu-chan for coming with me in the back and missing amazing opportunities thanks to me :’) I’m glad she went to Toulouse, otherwise I would feel like the worst friend in the whole universe T_T.


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai

the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook
the GazettE Official Fanclub – HERESY
Ruki’s Instagram

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Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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