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First of all, I don’t even know how to write a live report, since I never imagined that I would be able to go to an concert, even more THEIR concert. But I’ll write here everything I can remember! I hope you enjoy!

The concert were organized in 3 different groups. The GFC, the VIP and the Regular. GFC fans went in at 6:00 PM, VIP at 6:30 PM and Regular at 7:00 PM. Then, the concert would start at 8:30 PM.

But I must say… It took a looong time. The Regular queue was so, so, so long that it it went up an entire street, turned the block and went down the street until it reached the VIP queue. And the concert house got so crowed I couldn’t move. I felt I was in a tin of sardines and it was also too hot. I could feel my thighs completely soaked.

The staff inspected my body and my purse and when I got the grid I could see Kai’s drums. They were huge and were shining like they were made of diamonds and gold. Then a man of the staff was testing the lights by a laptop (there were some big things, moving like they were alive!) and they could do so many beautiful lights… Blue, red, white… And also lots of cold, thick steam! It was so damn beautiful… Everyone was screaming: “GAZETTO, GAZETTO, GAZETTO!” and claping hands. Also we were calling their names! “A-OI! A-OI! A-OI!” “RUU-KI! RUU-KI!” “REI-TA! REI-TA!” “U-RU-HA! U-RU-HA!” “KA-I! KA-I!” and I got so worked up I could breathe. (Uruha’s name is a difficult name to scream. It’s kinda tiring! haha)

Then some staffs came in to check their musical instruments. They were playing randomly, but it was also awesome! We were screaming for them and doing the… “rock n’ roll” hands? But then, one of them that was checking Aoi’s guitar, was walking away when he was done and we were still screaming for him and I could see this japanese guy smiling. Suddenly he turned to us and raised an arm! Everybody screamed!

But it was so damn hot and people were still coming… Then it started. Many people got too tired and started to faint. Firemen were there to help us, but it was difficult, since it was too crowed. And when I say it was crowed, it really was. Really. I’m not joking.

I wasn’t in my best shape too. I thought I was about to collapse but then I said to myself: “You waited for this opportunity for 5 years! Don’t give up now and stay still!” and I kept there! I wouldn’t give up!

And suddenly… The background song paused, the stage got blue, XI started to play and… THEY CAME IN.

First Aoi, then Reita and Kai. Uruha and Ruki were the last ones and they were so beautiful… They were walking to their spots and their movements were so beautiful… It was unbelievable.

Ruki screamed. “C’MOOOON BRAZIL!”

And we screamed back.

Then they started to play and I forgot everything. Absolutely everything. I could only sing and headbang as much as I could!

The crowd was singing along with Ruki and our voices were so loud that Ruki’s voice got muffled and when it happened he smiled. And his smile… It was a small smile, in the corner of his red lips, but I bet he was thinking “these fans are crazy.”

They played two songs in a row and when they were changing their instruments, Ruki turned to Kai and kept quiet. Then, after some 10 seconds, he turned back to us and said in a very bad portuguese:

“Gente, para trás. Não empurrem!” (Guys, back off! Don’t push!)

And I was like “damndamndamndamn nonononono SO DAMN CUTE!”

And they kept playing and they did an awesome job. However… I must say I couldn’t sing and scream as much as I wanted during the show. People were pushing and tightening too much, and I also couldn’t recognize the songs and kept asking to the guys next to me “what’s this song?”. I could only recognize Filth in the Beauty because of Aoi’s guitar in the beggining and CLEVER MONKEY.

And of course, Linda.

Everyone was clapping with them and when Aoi started to clap everybody screamed too. People could only scream, sing and jump along with them!

Also, between their short interval, when they turned their backs to us, we were still screaming their names, even with them still on the stage. I was wondering what were their thoughts…

In Hyena: Ruki and Uruha did a fanservice. I couldn’t see, but people told me Ruki wrapped one arm around Uruha’s shoulders and squeezed and poked his nipples. Uruha made a funny face, like “aaahhh you fucker, stop it!”

Uruha’s solos were magical! During his solos the entire stage got darkened and the lights kept on him, and he looked like an angel. His fingers were stunning.

But when the stage were darkened I could see Reita shining. His jacket was shining… His entire self was shining and he was so damn gorgeous.

I must say to everyone who said “Reita’s hair is so ugly!”: He’s gorgeous on live. Gorgeous. When he headbangs his hair flips and it looks like a dream.

Reita kept licking his lips, giving us his middle finger and in Linda he spined with his bass and everyone were looking at him, screaming. He also raised his bass and shook it, asking for more!

And Kai? I could see his face behind the drums and when you see Kai playing you can only think: “he looks like a God”. Kai really looked like a God behind his drums, hiting them with an infinite energy. And we screamed for him! “KA-I! KA-I! KA-I!” and he stopped, looked at us and gave his middle finger and everyone went crazy!

Aoi was having so much fun! He couldn’t stop smiling, looking at us and doing gestures! He also were headbanging and his hair is so beautiful and long… I loved to see him playing there, right before my eyes! His charisma was contagious!

And then, the encore.

They left to change clothes but suddenly more and more people started to faint and I really got worried, because even the firemen couldn’t help. We ran off water and a guy next to me couldn’t breath. The show house was too damn hot and yesterday the temperature reached 33°C. (I don’t know how much it is in fahrenheit, sorry.)

When they came back and started to play again, firemen were helping this guy, carrying him away from the crowd. Ruki saw that. He looked at him with a little concerned expression, but he just stared at the ground for a few seconds and kept to sing. But Ruki was also at his limit. During the songs he needed to breath in, so he let us sing because he was breathless. Aoi’s hair was also wet and Reita couldn’t keep wearing his jacket and changed to their tour t-shirt. Ruki kept his HOMME suit.

In the encore Aoi returned wearing the t-shirt of the Brazilian national team. A brazilian girl made t-shirts for them and Aoi’s t-shirt was stamped “SUPERSTAR 10 AOI” and it was so beautiful that I screamed this time. (If you want to see the t-shirt, check the girl’s twitter account!)

During the encore they gave Ruki the flag. Here in Brazil we made a fanproject group and we decided to create a customized Braziling flag to give to them as a gift. During the day, when we were still in the queue, waiting, a group of fans gave us the flag so we could sign it and leave a short message! (I can’t find a picture of the flag right now, but I’ll look for it later!)

My message was “I love you Koneko-chan” by the way. Heheh.

Ruki also said “nossa senhora” (my Goddness) and “AGUENTAM MAIS?!” (Can you handle more?!) and everybody screamed “YEAAAAA!”

In the end, Reita, Aoi, Kai and Uruha left the stage after throwing picks and drumticks and Ruki stayed there throwing things to us. He threw water bottles (that he rubbed against his crotch and pretended to jerk off in the crowd) and a small towel. Also, he squeezed water and people were so happy! Then he left and a american song started to play and their staff came and began to disassemble the drums.

Everyone was crying, sweaty as hell and disheveled. But mostly happy. It was too good.


03. Before I Decay
13. Filth in the Beauty

02. Hyena
03. LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

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