SHOXX column #7 by Tsuzuku (Mejibray)

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SHOXX column #7 by Tsuzuku


“Cognitive dissonance”

No matter the era, there exist people who are exceptional at slander.

But nowadays, even that slander goes through the Internet and can be seen by an inordinate amount of people.

They are useful; however, I wonder if the growth of such tools as blogs and Twitter may increase the amount of people who end up hurting others even if they think hurting others is bad.

There is a quote from a certain book that says,
“The mentality of those who slander others is a mentality of weaklings, and one often produced from envy and dissatisfaction.”

The phrase “mentality of sore losers” is also written in this book

And it’s accurate.
Those are words of comprehension.

It’s lying to yourself, blaming others, trying to save your own skin…

Through the growth of tools like blogs and Twitter, such indirect attacks against other people ended up increasing…that’s what it seems like.

If misused, useful tools run the risk of becoming weapons.

In fact, in this era, such weapons are starting to interfere with our lives day by day.

Minors drinking alcohol
Crime-like confessions

I keep thinking…what is it about being able to freely post about such actions in a public place?

Since it’s a tool that lets an inordinate amount of people see it,
then it’s supposed to be clear that there’s a possibility of getting into trouble.

But I digress. I wish people could consider searching for someone’s good points before saying bad things about other people.

There’s one thing that humans have without fail, and that’s enjoying the search for someone’s flaws.

Just try remembering some of the nicknames your friends had in elementary school, and you’ll understand.
Every single human has flaws.
But people who are able to discover someone’s good points and make them shine—don’t those people follow a path that’s wonderful both back in the past and in the future? At least that’s what I experienced when I followed it.

In order to lead a wonderful life, from now on I hope to stay true to each of my opinions, and while upholding both myself others, clear up a new path.

This ended up being a bit of a preachy column but I guess sometimes, that’s okay too?

There are a lot of wonderful words in areas and places of yourself that you can’t even see.

I wish you wonderful encounters.


Tsuzuku (Mejibray)


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Vocal: Tsuzuku (綴)
Vocal: Tsuzuku (綴) (Mejibray)
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Bass: Koichi (恋一) (Mejibray)
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Drums: METO (メト) (Mejibray)
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Member History

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