English translation: Uruha on Radio Vorterix (Argentina)

The interview translated into English

Uruha’s interview in Vorterix Radio, Argentina. Credits to mamacaroni

Q: Why is always the manager around? Why so many photographers and cameras?
U: That’s because we are going to make a DVD of this tour, which will be sell later.

Q: When you talk about tour, is it about south america or… which countries…?
U: From Mexico, to Chile, to Argentina, Brazil, and Europe.

Q: And are you recording everything in this tour?
U: We extract a little of every country we’ve been, to make a complete video.

Q: Is it normal to have so many managers in one band?
U: Yes, there are like three managers for this tour.

Q: the GazettE seems to be very popular. There are a lot of fans waiting for days in the gates out of the teather, but at the same time you are unknown for many other people. Does this happen all around the world?
U: We are surprised, we’ve never been in south america, we’ve been in Europe before, but we are surprised by the great reception of the fans here.

Q: Why the masks?
U: Because we are japanese *laughs*

Q: *laughs* What? Are you afraid of getting sick?
U: That’s because in Japan, if you don’t use a mask, you’ll (usually) get sick. We use it here mostly because of the weather, which makes more probable to get sick.

Q: Is “visual kei” what you do? We’ve been told that’s something that has to do with the image and all.
U: All the music we make is based of the image we show. The music and the image are related. We want to show that japanese visual kei is about the music but also the image we show when we perform.

Q: Do you think that part of the repercussion of your popularity was made because of the fascination for japanese culture, like manga, anime, karaoke and such?
U: It would be good to separate visual kei from anime and manga, instead of putting them in the same bag.

Q: I’m not telling that they are the same thing, but that they are part of it, like another expression of the japanese culture.
Q: Does the gazettE think they represent the japanese culture with what you do?
U: We are not really sure about it, but we are very grateful for the fans around the world that support us and makes us feel happy about the part of japan we contribute.

Q: Does the GazettE fan use to imitate the style of yours?
U: Every place in the world we visit there’s always someone cosplaying us, especially in Japan.

Q: Your looks are always the same, or does it change?
U: With every new CD we launch we change our looks.

Q: Do you have a stylist that helps you or each member creates its own look?
U: Each member designs their own clothing.

Q: In your case, how did you get to this particular look, to represent the latest of the band? How could you describe it?
U: Considering the image and the theme of what we are doing recently, also the comfort for performing in a live.
But we get the inspiration for the clothes mostly from the songs we are making. When we have a basic idea about the clothes, we consult our
stylist to define details.

Q: Musically talking, and, of what I’ve heard, your rock is an american rock, international, english, or how would you like to describe it…?
U: More than think of what is the style we need, we simply receive suggestions from the fans or people who listen to us, we don’t define our style, we just let our style to be defined.

According to a friend of mine, there’s one last question that hasn’t been translated:

Q: Are you that kind of band that amuses yourselves with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll?
U: No, we don’t do that kind of stuff.

Thank you Natsu! <3

–The video of the interview ends here, I think the interviewer asks one more question and then they play “THE INVISIBLE WALL”–
–There was a interpreter traducing what Uruha was saying so what he actually said could be different from my traduction–

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