Aoi’s “slipper-incident” on their way to Argentina!

I can’t stop laughing. Aoi tweets like a maniac! And about the coffee…. and the slippers… poor guy – I wish I could speak Japanese and that I could be there to help him. 🙂


(all Translated by mou_ichido)

Ruki: Sleepy~( ꒪⌓꒪)

Aoi: Good morning! Argentina=)

Aoi: Since we’ve arrived, we’ve heard church bells now and again. Japan doesn’t really have this, so it feels like I’m in a movie!

Kaolu: We’ve been bustling around since early this morning. Argentina is a great place 🙂

Kaolu: I can hear really loud bells… I wonder if there’s a church nearby??

Aoi: I wonder, should I cut my hair short~?

Aoi: I was hoping for comments that would make me chuckle 〠

Kaolu: Meat is delicious~!!!

Kaolu: Meat is delicious~!!!

Aoi: We took a bunch of photos. Maybe everyone will be able to see them someday?

Aoi: Argentina is a beautiful place!

Aoi: Argentina is a beautiful place!

Aoi: @YOHIO_Seremedy YOHIO-! Are you having fun on tour?! I’m having lots of fun on mine! ^^

Aoi: Hi-yah!

Aoi: Hi-yah!

Aoi: A strange Japanese guy in Chile! (But really he’s a Nice Guy who passionately does his job, right?!

Aoi: [cont.] Though he’s muttering something like “Another sky! Another sky!” to himself!

Aoi: I see. The image was too heavy for you guys, it seems. Until next time!

Aoi: Anyways, I there are a lot of photos so I’ll show you next time ^^ That’s it for today!

Aoi: Ah, of course, I’m using a SONY camera! I’m using SONY’s RX-100 I tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aoi: Ooh, I see. Sorry. the GazettE’s under S○NY’s label! Mmhm, it was just a promo!

Aoi: [cont.] It wasn’t sponsored, it’s of my own accord! It’s a great camera 📷 I recommend it!

Aoi: And with that, good night!

Aoi: And with that, good night!

Aoi: Hm? This was something that was in Chile. Their flag is in the bottom left, see? It’s clearly Chile!

Aoi: It really looks like me, so I’ll show you. Here’s a shot of Aoi reading your tweets in Chile! ‘Night!

Aoi: It rly looks like me, so I'll show you. Here's a shot of Aoi reading your tweets in Chile! 'Night!

Aoi: BTW, it’s not even 11PM yet! At this time, elementary school kids have to go to sleep.

Aoi: BTW, it’s not even 11PM yet! These days even elementary school kids don’t sleep at this hour.

Aoi: Being overseas is so much fun, why did I hate it so much before? Would’ve been better if I came to meet you all sooner! ><

Aoi: Nobody asked, “Did you want coffee?” before heading off. It’s not just the CA that’s confused!! I did say.

Aoi: “Give us our usual coffee 💢” though. If it was the past me, who freaked out when I didn’t understand English.

Aoi: I totally would’ve cried myself to sleep. 💨

Kaolu: The BACK STAGE hallways are…D▲RK ☦



Kaolu: Woke up early today to go shopping 🙂

Shopping :)

Aoi: There are some irresponsible Japanese people too though. The slippers around my seat had disappeared. And there were only CAs that couldn’t speak Japanese around me. Even when I said, “Gimme slippers!” aren’t slippers an English loan word? When I say things like slippers, people give me a look like, “What the hell is this guy saying?” and I feel really insecure.

Aoi: And, because of that, I went to go look for Japanese-speaking staff because, during the in-flight announcement, they said there were staff that spoke Japanese. I realized I was wandering around towards the end of the plane. Just clunking around. That’s where I asked, “Are there any individuals who understand Japanese?” And, without even looking me in the face, the person just said, “Yes?” Well, if it was just that, that would be fine.

Aoi: I said, “I kind of have a problem, I don’t have plane slippers….” The person (still continuing what he was originally doing), said, “They weren’t there from the start.” That’s when it hit me. Guys like these give a separate service depending on what class you’re in. And I said in irritation, “Well, I’m in business class, so there’s no way that’s possible—right?” And they gave it to me right away.

Aoi: And that was the story of how I’ve gotten stronger in situations like that ^^

Aoi: By the way, at the time, I heard that slippers were “slippers.” Room shoes! I’m embarrassed that I’m the guy who said, “Room shoes!”

Aoi: By the way, it seems that the promoter was the one who took care of putting us in business class on the flight from Japan. Since we’d been declining going overseas for so many years. He said, “If it’s for the best show ever, it’s not a problem at all!” Isn’t that cool?

Aoi: Another interesting story about the flight was that when we were going from Mexico to Chile, my seat was in the emergency exit aisle. The seats there are a little more spacious than the other seats and it’s a more comfortable air ride, so we reserved the space. But there was a condition. I can’t speak Spanish, so they changed my seat. I got switched to a seat in a row in front of the original seat, and that seat was one that couldn’t move, so it was a seat that was stuck at a right angle.

Aoi: The guy in front of me leaned his seat back completely, and I kept looking at the person sitting in the emergency exit aisle from the corner of my eye, enjoying their flight, but this is a form of training too. I got pretty stiff during the 7 hours but, weeellll, it was fun!

Aoi: By the way, this happens no matter what country you’re in, so let’s all remember this experience. Of course, this includes Japan YO! In an emergency, speaking brokenly is no good! So let’s be positive when switching our seats^^

Aoi: But when I was asked, “which is better during an emergency briefing, Spanish or English?” I coolly replied, “Oh~, Engrish!^^” even though I don’t understand either of them, it’s my fault for putting on a composed face. As expected of the CA who takes care of everyone’s safety. They can see right through this irresponsible Japanese person.

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