Great I -アイ- reviews at Tora Tsuki J-Rock (must read)

I got very happy today when I saw the following message on Tora Tsuki J-Rock’s wall on Facebook:

“Good afternoon beloved Toras!
How is everyone?
We have a new review for you, since our writer Yuzuriha get super excited about the band “I-ai-” she wrote another review for you ♥
We hope you enjoy reading!!!”

As you know, I -ai- (I -アイ-) is a signed artist under the avocation agency and promoters Nyanko Scandal Factory and in January we will arrange a European tour with this amazing duo.

Tora Tsuki J-Rock has published reviews of the songs NEO JESUS and Crystallize. A great thanks to Tora Tsuki J-Rock and Yuzuriha!

The reviews can be found here: Tora Tsuki J-Rock | Reviews but I will also post them here for easier access:

Author: Yuzuriha

“I-ai-”(I-アイ)- “Crystallize”

That single of the homonymous album is a top class experience.

When you listen to this song, you just wanna move. It doesn’t matter if you want to dance, to jump around, or to drive an awesome car.

The off-beat of “Crystallize” is almost hypnotic. Rhythm of drums, guitar and bass are in an extraordinary well balance.

Almost chanting comes the refrain around, and one has the feeling that it gets slightly faster, every time Nakashima san is raising his voice.

Aneyoshi-sans guitar performance seems to have a life of its own. It makes you wanna press the repeat button again and again.

Minute 3 reveals a dreamy bridge, which gives you a short time to catch your breath.

What follows hereafter can only be called “one minute of brilliancy”.

I am still flabbergasted by the incredible congeniality of instruments, beat, vocal and feeling this song shows. Listening to it won’t be a waste of time, I would rather say, people should listen to it, it will be a 4 minute 57 second enrichment of a music loving heart.

If you want to purchase the song or the album, check out the following link: I-ai-

Author: Yuzuriha

“I-ai-”(I-アイ)- “NEO JESUS 未発表曲”

Published on July 6th 2013.

The first thing that has to be said is:

Yuki Aneyoshi (姉吉祐樹) (Guitar) and Hiroaki Nakashima (中島弘章) (Vocals) are very talented artists.

The song “Neo Jesus” is something for everyone. When you listen to it first, you are surprised how huge the range of this song is. It involves the highest heights and the deepest depths of music.

The beginning leads you to a perfectly wrong first impression of “NEO JESUS”.

It sounds quiet, almost ghostly.

Second twenty astonishes you the first time. There is a clear note of Visual Kei in the next couple of moments. Another change of style comes shortly after. Hard, almost metal like guitar riffs emboss the rest of the song. The guitar play is brilliant, there are no other words for it.

Nakashima-san knows how to play with his voice in a wonderful way. The refrain is something to dream about and almost epic. It is a song with a WOW effect! You will not regret to listen to it!

And if you still want one more reason to understand the magnificence of “NEO JESUS”: I am listening to it for the 20th time now, and it still gets better.

You can watch the song here: NEO Jesus

If you want to purchase the song or the album, check out the following link: I-ai-

(Bad sound quality. 🙁 )

I -アイ-

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I -ai- (I -アイ-)

Formed: 2011
Pronunciation: Like the English “I” or “eye”.

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Vocal & piano:
Hiroaki Nakashima (中島弘章)
template-cakeDec 29th 1978
Guitar & violin:
Yuki Aneyoshi (姉吉祐樹)
template-cakeMay 22nd 1981

Member History

Support members:

  • Dr. Akira Uehara I -ai-(support)
  • Chorus Shizuno Yonemoto I -ai-(support)

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