Babbling GazettE enters Argentina ^^

When I see Ruki’s photos on Instagram, I’m more convinced than ever that he’s a true artist. Well, I was completely convinced anyway, but still. 🙂

And Aoi’s tweets… gosh, that guy likes to TWEET! And he got humor. Lovely!


(all Translated by mou_ichido)

Aoi: ALLLLLLRIGHT! It’s time for the breakfast buffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Aoi: Scrambled eggs w/ ham or sausage, bacon, & juice. This seems to be the world’s std breakfast! Eh, I’m full! Miso soup plz!

Aoi: My manicure came off during the show because yesterday was just too energetic =)

Aoi: You can’t see my face? You can just imagine Orlando Bloom’s face there and it’s fine. 🌞

Aoi: It’s not a masanga nor is it a tattoo. It’s an anklet~.


Aoi: Well then, playing around ends here. I have to go on to the next country. Takecopter!

Aoi: Orlando Bloomers (haha)

Aoi: I wonder if Maradona is there? Maradona.

Aoi: You could say that even though I’m not great at dribbling, I’m great at dodging the ladies’ LOVE beams!

Aoi: It was surprisingly close. Argentina.🌞

Aoi: Seems like the time difference is 12hrs. It’s +1 hour from Chile
Speaking of which, everyone in Japan~! You can hear me right?😟

Aoi: Even little me from Mie was able to come all the way to Argentina~ Where’s Messi? Messi.⚽

Aoi:I see~ So Messi’s in Barcelona😟

Aoi:: Speaking of which, the room is too big; I can’t relax. I wonder if I should try dancing Tango.

Aoi: Putting in a JP translation of your handwritten letters in order to make it easier for me to read is so kind of you all~ We can’t stand indifferently in public so you might think that we’re curt, but forgive us, okay?
Thank you!

Ruki: After looking at it more intently, that wasn’t Misudo at all earlier(haha)

Ruki: Seems like it’s a place called DUNKIN DONUTS or something, I don’t know.

Aoi: I thought I heard a sound coming from outside, but it’s just my imagination…right…? (´・Д・)

Aoi:Comparatively speaking the security’s pretty good! Though it hasn’t reached crime-free yet(^ω^)
Pretty similar to JP right?

Aoi: That’s right, that one story about the Nice Guy who was called in early in the morning? That was a high-up from the Embassy of Argentina. He told me, “Meat’s delicious, so eat meat(^ω^)” but where’s the butchershop anyway!?

Aoi:Surely it was this, right? (ㆀ˘・з・˘)

Aoi:In the end, Japanese food fits my taste best.

From Ruki’s instagram

Ruki: At the Mister Donut at the airport in Chile, a store staff gave me this and a drink(・◡・) Thank you! By the way the BGM was death metal (lol)




Ruki: Hahaha.


Ruki: Ramones?

Akihiro Odajima: Today is shoothing!
Source: Akihiro Odajima (Staff member for the GazettE, I think he’s even their manager/Union of the Sixth Guns)

Ruki's jacket

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