More reports from the GazettE’s live in Mexico

Live report from Mexico

From The GazettE Worldwide Fans

LiveReportRT@GazettEnoUra We’ll write some live reports we found online. Sorry, we don’t know exactly the credits because there’s a lot.
-But we mainly took them from: NoNoseBirdy, TannMatsumotoo, GazeRockSV, nameless-deformity. Sorry if we missed someone! >w< :

* Ruki said in Spanish: “Gracias México.” “¿Se están divirtiendo?” (“Thank you Messico” “Are you having fun?”)

* Aoi and Uruha played a couple of times back to back, then Uruha placed his arm around Aoi’s shoulders and patted his head.

* Aoi threw kisses and smiled a lot. Reita showed his tongue.

* It seems that Ruki lost a ring during the live.

* While waiting for a song, Aoi walked up to his mic, moved his hips and then walked away smirking.

* Uruha was wearing a T-Shirt of the WORLD TOUR during the encore.

* Aoi got close to Uruha and kissed his head. Then, they started playing together.

* Ruki was surprised that all fans were singing along.

* Uruha danced a bit at the center of the stage.

* When the encore was about to start, Ruki introduced the first song but Kai started playing an other one. Everyone looked at him like: “are you serious?” and Kai laughed. Ruki apologized and Shiver started.

From Ruki’s Twitter:

Ruki: The first day of the world tour in Mexico City has ended with no problems. I was just surprised with how loud the cheering was (laughs). I want to come back again someday.

K: Good work today! We’re going to try to match up to you in Okayama (^^)b

Ruki: Alright let’s join forces in Brazil!

K: Y…yes sir

Translation credits: aimai na kokoro

Ruki twitter

*Thanks Mexico!*
*I wish come back here!.
See you soon!
I love Mexico!*


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


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Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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