A song I love: Mother with Acid Black Cherry

Gives me the chills


Translated into English

Joining our hearts, bound in love, we’ve struggled so far
The earth that has become our mother, a life I have yet to see, I’m calling your name

Though it’s insignificant, can you hear this prayer?
Begging for “Precious happiness, even if it’s just for something small…”
Since the day they are born, all people walk looking toward “death”
Why were we born at all? To search for the “meaning” behind it all

In the world where you were born, in the time where you ended up
You’ve been given the “joy” and “hope” there is in loving someone
But, remember this, your, your, your path to death
In its endless ruthlessness
Trusting to be deceived, to be betrayed despite your love
Someone, someday will make you understand a “grudging” heart and “despair”
But, don’t forget you were, you were, you were, unmistakably
Born here through “love”

Touch me softly with gentle hands overflowing with love
Just through thinking of your future, I am visited by happiness
Since the day they are born, all people walk looking toward “death”
“I am here to meet you” It is for that reason you were born

In the nights where you are alone, the times when you’re painfully lost
Wanting “dreams” to become “the future”, something becomes “disappointment”
But, remember this, you were, you were, you were
Born of boundless love
The times when you’re lonely, the times when you’re sad
So that you don’t cry, so that you’re never left alone
Surely there’s “love” right next to you, to you, to you
Clearly shining

In roman letters

Kokoro wo tsunaide ai wo musunde tadoritsuita
Haha naru daichi mada minu inochi kimi no namae wo yondeiru

Hakanai kedo kono inori ga kikoeru kai?
“Chiisakutemo kakegae no nai shiawase wo…” to negau
Hito wa minna umareta hi kara “shi” ni mukai aruiteru
Naze umaretekita no ka? Sono “imi” sagasu tame nan da

Kimi ga ikiru sekai ga umaretekita jidai wa
Hito wo ai suru “yorokobi” to “kibou” wo ataeru darou
Kedo oboeteite kimi no kimi no kimi no yuku michi wa
Kewashiku hate shinai
Shinjite wa azamukarete aishitemo uragirarete
Dareka wo “nikumu” kokoro to “zetsubou” wo itsuka shiru darou
Kedo wasurenai de kimi wa kimi wa kimi wa machigainaku
“Ai” ni yotte umaretekitan da

Ai ga afureta yasashii te de sotto furete
Kimi no mirai wo omou dake de shiawase ga tazunereru
Hito wa minna umareta hi kara “shi” ni mukai aruiteru
“Boku wa kimi ni deau tame” sono tame ni umaretan da

Kodoku na yoru no naka de kurushii mayoi no naka de
“Yume” wo “mirai” wo motomete nanika ni “shitsubou” suru darou
Kedo omoidashite kimi wa kimi wa kimi wa kagiri nai
“Ai” kara umaretan da
Sabishikunatta toki mo kanashikunatta toki mo
Kimi ga nakanai you ni hitori ni naranai you ni
Tashika na “ai” wa kimi no kimi no kimi no sugu soba ni
Kanarazu kagayaiteiru

Acid Black Cherry (Yasu)

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Acid Black Cherry

Also known as: Yasu
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Acid Black Cherry

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  1. Indeed. Beautiful lyrics. So well balanced in the human reality. I always love Acid Black Cherry. Very wonderful melodies. Before I got into Japanese music I just wanted to find music with strong melody, were not whinny or depraved but with a strong rock sensibility. I am so refreshed by everything I hear from Japan… Love K-pop also. I just imagine I don’t live in America.

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