To all of you who will see the GazettE in Finland

To all of you who will see the GazettE in Finland on September 29th!
This is a message about the queuing system from jrocksuomi.

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The GazettE 29.9.2013 – The Circus, Helsinki      SUOMEKSI


JrockSuomi does NOT encourage queuing for a long time before a hectic concert. All concert attendees should carefully evaluate what amount of queuing time they are comfortable with. Please keep in mind that your place in the queue does not necessarily determine your place inside the venue during the show.

1. Queuing for the GazettE’s concert in Helsinki is strictly forbidden before 8:00 AM Finnish time on show day.

2. The queuing will begin at 8:00 AM on show day and at this hour, the concert attendees who wish to queue this early will receive queuing numbers and the queues for the concert will be organized according to these numbers.

3. THERE WILL BE NO QUEUING NUMBERS FOR ATTENDEES ARRIVING AFTER 8:00AM. All the attendees that arrive after the queuing numbers have been given will take their place in the back of the queues.

4. There will be two queues, one for regular queue and one VIP queue:
– The regular queue will be formed by attendees with the regular concert ticket
– The VIP queue will be formed by the attendees that hold a privilege: a VIP ticket and/or a Fanclub membership (GFC or Heresy). Both queues will have their own queueing number. Aside of these numbers, the Fanclub members will receive special numbers in case needed (the amount of fanclub attendees at the concert is low).

5. The queuing numbers will first be handed out to the attendees of the regular queue, then the VIP queue. Both queues have their own numbers. All the queuing numbers are random and you cannot affect your number by queuing earlier.

6. There can be four people maximum for each queuing number. When the queuing numbers have been distributed, the attendees will be organized into the two queues according to their numbers.

7. The order of the VIP queue will be organized in venue entrance order:
– First the Fanclub members with a VIP ticket
– Second the VIP ticket holders
– Third the Fanclub members with regular ticket

8. Each fanclub member must bring these certificates with them in order to be eligible for the fanclub privileges in Finland’s show:
a. Valid fanclub membership card/certificate
b. Concert ticket
c. The certificate confirming your application for Fanclub privileges done through the Fanclub in July and August. (WITHOUT THIS CERTIFICATE; YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR FANCLUB PRIVILEGES)
d. ID CARD (Driver’s licence, passport, student card, etc.)

9. The VIP queue will be organized according to the venue entrance order of the VIP attendees. The VIP queue will change during the day according to who enter the queue.
EXAMPLE: If a person with a VIP ticket enters the queue at a later time, they will be placed behind all the other VIP ticket holders BUT in front of the Fanclub members with a regular ticket.
– If a Fanclub member with a VIP ticket enters the queue, they will be placed behind the last Fanclub members with a VIP ticket but in front of the first VIP ticket holders.

10. The queues, especially the VIP queue, will be supervised by the JrockSuomi staff (yellow attention vests) from the beginning of the queuing until the start of the show.
The staff members will guide attendees to their places in the queue if the attendees cannot find their own places.
The attendees in the VIP queue must be ready to prove their right for the early access privilege when asked. The VIP queue will be thoroughly checked by JrockSuomi staff as well as the record label/fanclub staff before the doors for the VIP attendees open (17:30).

11. The staff members organizing the queue have the right to move attendees who jump the queue or who cause disturbances to the back of the queue.

12. Each concert attendee is responsible for their own place in the queue. JrockSuomi cannot reserve your spot in the queue.


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


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the Gazette Official Facebook

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