Translated gossip and reports from the GazettE’s Fadeless Promotion event (funny)

What happened at the FADELESS Promotion event? GazettEnoUra has translated a lot of fun gossip and reports on twitter. Make sure to follow her/him: GazettEnoUra

Speaking about FADELESS

Radio DJ: Aoi-san too had something to do with a woman, hadn’t he?
Aoi: Eh?
DJ: In the PV, right? At some points you appeared without playing your guitar!
Aoi: No! *laugh* That one.. *laugh* .. wasn’t a woman! *laughs and points Uruha out*
Reita and Ruki were laughing, they tried to hold it in but they couldn’t.
DJ: Mh? Uruha-san?
Uruha wasn’t really paying attention, he was startled for a bit and took the microphone.
Uruha: Eh…?
DJ: You weren’t listening to what we were saying, were you?
All the others burst out laughing.
Uruha: I’m sorry! *smile* The PV? Yes, we shot some scenes together, Aoi and I, after a long time. It was cool!

Ruki said that when Reita’s in hotels, he washes his noseband and lays it down by himself.

Fan: Do you ever argue with Reita?
Uruha: Eh? It happens a lot! *laugh*
Fan: And who gives in first?
Uruha: Mhh… maybe me? *smile*

Still speaking about FADELESS shooting

DJ: Kai-san, how was it for you?
Kai: It was really tiring! Since the drums are behind everyone, I had to play for each scene of each member.
DJ: How many times did you have to play more or less?
Kai: Mhn.. more or less the length of the PV but Ruki’s part … we had to do it a loot of times!! I was always told “one more time!” but I was actually filmed very few times!
Ruki: If it wasn’t for Kai, I’d have shot the scene again and again.

Speaking about the festival in Russia

DJ: This summer you took part to different festivals, how was it in Russia? Reita-san..
Reita: Ehm it was… far! *looks at Ruki’s face*, it took us about 30 hours to reach it… *looks at Aoi’s face* …it was far away!

Still speaking about festivals

Ruki: I wanted to perform with a T-shirt but in the end we thought it was better like that (with FADELESS outfits). I think Reita suffered the most because of the heat!
Reita: It was insane, it was really really hot!!
DJ: Your outfit doesn’t absorb sweat, does it?
Reita: I hated the stylist…
Uruha: I had short sleeves so I think I was the one that was feeling less the heat amongst everyone but it was really hard for Reita. Even if before the live he said “Let’s have fun and forget the heat!”, during the live I said “It’s hot but it’s funny!” whilst smiling but Reita was super serious.
Reita: I thought of performing while keeping an expression like I wasn’t even feeling the heat… but it was impossible..

DJ: What did you buy recently?
Aoi: A Beauty Care Machine for the face.
Reita: A new car.
Ruki: An iPad Mini.
Kai: A bass drum.
Uruha: Effect units for my guitar. I ordered them two years ago and they finally arrived!
DJ: From overseas?
Uruha: Yes, I was almost giving up. *laugh* But then I changed my mind so I ordered them! (he meant he was lookig for them and couldn’t find them so he actually asked overseas to create the effect units he wanted)
DJ: Will you use them during the tour?
Uruha: No, they didn’t arrive in time for the album so I’ll use some other equipments.

an example of what Aoi meant with Beauty Care Machie:

an example of what Aoi meant with Beauty Care Machie:

DJ: During the world tour, what will you do if you have free time?
Aoi: I’ll take pictures.
Ruki: I’ll wander around.
Uruha: I want to go to musical instrument stores.
DJ: So, Reita’s answer is “since I’m scared, I won’t go anywhere!”
Reita: It’s dangerous! If something happens, what will you do?
Ruki: You are not going out for real, aren’t you? You do that in Japan too!
Reita: I’m not! Because outside is dangerous!

The next question is: If you had a week off, what would you do?

DJ: Aoi and Reita said that they would sleep! Guys, are you sleepy? *laugh*
Aoi: Yes, I am! *looks at Reita*
Reita nodded and stretched his hand to Aoi.
Aoi: Umpfh!
Aoi shook Reita’s hand and then he cleaned his own.
DJ: Don’t do that so naturally! *laugh*
Uruha: I’d do things I can’t do, things that are piling up..
DJ: For example..?
Uruha: Watching dvds, playing games… I’ve some that are still wrapped in plastic..
Ruki and Kai: Travelling overseas.
DJ: Were would you like to go?
Kai: I want to go to the Maldives.
Ruki: Tahiti.
DJ: A country in the south.
Ruki: I’d go to the beach and such.
DJ: You would get a tan though!
Ruki: I never get it! I buy a ton of anti-suncream! And I want to swim!
DJ: You can swim?
Ruki: Yes, I can.
Fans: Eeeehh?
Ruki: You weren’t expecting that?
DJ: Your favorite swimming style?
Ruki: Butterfly!
Everyone bursted out laughing.

Fan: Good morning Ruki. Could you tell us Reita-sa’s weak point?
Ruki: Rei-chan’s weak point?… nape!!
Reita: Ehi!! How do you know?
Ruki: uhuhuh
The same fan then went to Reita.
Fan: Hi Reita!
Reita: Hi!
Fan: Can you tell me his weak point?
Reita: Of whom?
Fan: Of Rei… Ruki’s weak point!!
Reita: Nape!!

Kai *taking the CD Uruha passed him to sign it*: Hi!
Fan: Hi, Kai-kun can you say something to your fans?
Kai *signing the CD*: eh… hem, let’s see, mhhhhhhn! *hands over the CD to Ruki* …thank you!!!

Credits to: GazettEnoUra


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook

Other post about the GazettE on my blog:
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Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

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