“Actually, we become uneasy once we stop any activity.” /Ruki (interview CUTiE magazine)

This is an interview with Ruki from CUTiE magazine. The interview is translated by Sweet Melancholy and you can see her original post here.

CUTiE interview with Ruki (the GazettE)

This new release, “FADELESS”, is actually going to be the first single in two years, isn’t it.
“Yes. I was planning to stick with my usual routine of just releasing a song I thought was good, that would make a great single out of all the songs I would compose. The general image of the PV came to me right away, and the main subject behind the lyrics was easier to understand compared to our other songs. ”

So the lyrics have a literal meaning, and are the type that requires reading between the lines, correct?
“What’s written is very simple though. It feels like the words are connected so that scene comes to mind quickly. In the end there’s the fact that it’s best that the message the song is sending is simple. Actually, for this work, we were going for a look and sound that was simple for us. Well, we don’t know if it’ll be seen as that exactly (laughs).”

Ruki (CUTiE magazine)

Ruki (CUTiE magazine)

Were you attempting a straight approach because it was a single?
“Simply put, it’s our current mode. There are times when we want to pursue something that will involve a lot of construction, so there are times where we come to like to do things simply. So this time we decided, don’t do it badly and brightly, don’t do it with any summer-y themes, don’t overdo it (laughs). We didn’t exactly have this in mind, it just came to that naturally.”

The second song, “QUIET”, has a melody that stands out more at the first listen, with a popish sound, but in reality the making of this song was a bit crazy, I’m assuming?
“Yes. Well, our sound actually sounds more like that, so this single is great in the sense that the listeners can hear both sides, is what I think. But, right now we’re in the middle of making our next album, and the final product will probably be full of variety, so I don’t think the single alone will be enough to see that.”

So it’s a preceding single?!
“We don’t assign roles or anything so, um (laughs).”

So it’s okay to think of it (the single) as an independent work, including the PV?
“Of course. More than just making a CD, we thought that we had to make something that was worth having. How can I put this…this is a plain and simple part of it but, in the past when I got my hands on a disk, the feeling of excitement I always felt when I opened the package is what I want to leave on our own works.”

Ah, so you were a genuine rock kid then.
“That’s true, even now (laughs). The bands I liked back then I still look up to in adoration, I still feel really excited when I buy their new releases, and there are times when I’m sad just because I like them. Those feelings are still there for some reason, so I want our fans to experience that passion with our music.”

And that passion brought in by FADELESS, will be brought out again at concerts?
“That’s right. Naturally the feeling of the sound at concerts is different from the clean sound on CDs. That’s why I think that both us and the fans can enjoy the change in tune together.”

This summer you will participate in festivals, a world tour that will consist of nine performances in September, and on November and December you will have a nation-wide tour; your live schedule is completely packed.
“Well, this is actually normal. We’re just going to have fun at the festival and world tour, and in the past our nation-wide tours normally had 70 shows, so with this year’s 30 shows, it’s nicely balanced, which is good.”

But, the amount of work you do in one year really isn’t a joke, isn’t it?!
“Spending half a year on making releases, and the other half performing is what we’ve been doing for years so we’ve grown used to it. Actually, we become uneasy once we stop any activity. That’s why this much is about right. Though we do complain as people that do a lot because we do a lot (laughs).”

Ruki (CUTiE magazine)

Ruki (CUTiE magazine)

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