What Haro had to say after PLUNKLOCK’s hiatus announcement

I don’t know who has translated this, so great creds and hugs to her/he!

Haro’s Blog entry: 1 day after the announcement

Halo (Plunklock)

Haro (Plunklock)

It has been one day since the announcement
Until now I haven’t been able to put in order the things I should discuss first.
Because everyone is waiting, while I’m thinking I’ll try to express my feelings.
It was on the eve of the announcement, the day before yesterday.
I received from Haruka the English translation for the comments related to the hiatus….
Haruka, who has been in charge with communicating overseas, had studied English frantically before the tour started, you know.
I really admire him for that and I’m grateful also.

On the 26th, after the live, the 4 of us went to eat together, that didn’t happen in a while.
Recently everyone was busy, there were plenty of individual meetings,
we were in the studio, but the 4 of us eating together after a long while was special to me,

Still, as usual, the topics were silly,
it lasted for about 1 hour, but I think I laughed the whole time.

Truthfully, I would have liked to chat until the morning,
but there were things that absolutely needed to be done, so I headed home earlier.

And yesterday, on the day of the announcement,
I woke up early in the morning to work on the cover design of the single that will be released in October.
I had already done the main part, but it needed the final touches, you know.

Recently there were the meetings
for the new song,
for the one-man live,
for the single release,
the confectioning of square fancy cardboards for the PLK rally,
flyer – designing,
being a shop attendant for the SUPERLOVERS event,
the live itself

there were hectic days.

Halo (Plunklock)

Haro (Plunklock)

At 16:30, Seishirou called me.
”There is little time left, right?… it’s like… it’s like (not real ), isn’t it…” he said .
At that moment I had just finished my work and getting restless, somehow I felt relaxed for a little while.
Lately the one whom I hung out most was Seishirou.

Sometimes I think he seems childish, but when it comes to serious matters he is very realistic, I was very astonished lots of times.
Really, when I think about the current situation, I’m really glad that you’re around.

The announcement was made on our HP、twitter、ameba、facebook.
Why doesn’t anyone blame the band? I wondered, it seemed strange to me.
This is my first band that I’ve been in for more than 2 years, so I didn’t know what kind of reaction would follow, I thought everyone would be angry for sure.

At 17:30、I received an e−mail from Pinky.
If I would make it public, he would get mad, so I won’t say everything he wrote. ”Sorry I wasn’t a dependable leader”. It was a long piece of writing.
In the hiatus announcement Pinky’s comment was made expressly in his usual easy-going style I thought, but I wonder if he doesn’t feel the most responsible, really?

You see, bands are very complex and fragile, very gallant and fleeting.
If I put it like this, bands can be considered living creatures, you understand.

Probably it’s the same for everyone, but for me the band called PLUNKLOCK was a precious existence,
it was special.

I think I will always be proud of the fact that I sang in PLUNKLOCK.

The lyrics that I wrote for PLUNKLOCK were for the most part words addressed to myself.

As the others say the same, PLUNKLOCK’s songs and lyrics gave me courage.

Still, this time it ended up this way.

We’ve discussed it over and over again.

The word disband was also mentioned.

Let’s give it one more try! was another version.

Really, we’ve been over this lots of times.

But everyone doesn’t want to give in, isn’t it?
Especially the ones that make music, I think.
Because these kind of feelings exist, I want to express them through sounds and words.

These kinds of contradiction are present all over the world, surely, don’t you think so?

The words we used- indefinite hiatus represent a sort of wishful thinking on our part.

It was like saying:
”It would be good if someday we could play together again. But we may grow old by that time.
Still, it’s good we have a place to return to- so we can do our best thinking this way.”

Halo (Plunklock)

Haro (Plunklock)

I think from now on our band members will activate in different fields.

There may be some who will quit making music and then again, they might not quit.

But come what may, there will be painful things, tough things, moments when one hits the wall.

In spite of that, we cannot but be proud that we’ve been members of PLUNKLOCK.

We are immensely grateful and are indebted to all fans of PLUNKLOCK who supported us.

This will go on for as long as we live.

As for myself, whether I’ll continue singing or not, now is not the time to mention this, I think.

Now, what is left only is running the course until the one-man on October the 10th.

The lives from Osaka, on the 7th of September, Nagoya on the 8th of September and Tokyo on the 14th of September.

The last one will be the public performance of the one-man live on the 10th of October.

Until our last note will resound, let’s fight together the irrational in this world!

Thanks to those who read until the end, although it was a long blog.

PLUNKLOCK. Vo.ハロ (Haro)

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