The GazettE rumors and facts – what is true?

Well, hard to know. Internet will never be a trusted source for certain facts.

I got this link from my friend Mono Chrome (danke schön liebling) in which the blogger explains her/his opinions about different rumors considering the GazettE.

Since she/he translates a lot of Japanese texts, I believe she/he’s good at kanji and the Japanese language, and hence can give a correct interpretation of faulty translations that has led to different kind of rumors.

If this is the truth – who knows – but it’s interesting reading.

Take a look at it here: trauma-radio | RUMOR HAS IT

The text is a little bit small and hard to read so I will copy it here below, but all creds go to the owner of this text and this blog. trauma-radio

RUMOR HAS IT (from trauma-radio)

An info post about some untrue rumors in the foreign the gazette fandom

note: this is something private and not our business at all and not necessarily true since all information is based on what fans have found out.

Also notice that this about the correct reading of the kanji.

The names that the foreign fandom knows have been going around since 2004 or something. That should tell you a lot about how accurate that information is. At that time even the japanese fans didn’t know much and good translators were basically nonexistent.
Here’s what the japanese fans believe to be correct atm:

Ruki – 松本 貴之 Matsumoto Takayuki
Aoi – 城山 優 Shiroyama Yuu
Uruha – 高嶋 宏陽 Takashima Kouyou OR Hiroaki
Reita – 鈴木 亮 Suzuki Akira
Kai – 田辺 豊 Tanabe(?) Yutaka

As you can see there is a bit of confusion about the names. Uruha’s name is a mystery. Those kanjis are almost always read as Hiroaki, but some people say that it’s actually read as Kouyou, since that is also one way to read them. The thing is though that while Kouyou is a super rare name it’s also written with a completely different kanji. But since no one can confirm which one it is we just have to deal with that.
Kai’s last name is also a source of confusion. His parents are divorced and his mother apparently goes by a different last name now. Either it’s her maiden name or she remarried. Kai’s last name is most likely Tanabe but I’ve heard two others as well that I can’t bother to go find now because they are most likely incorrect.
And because Ruki’s name is going to come up: I went through like million japanese fan blogs and forums etc and all of them said that it’s Takayuki and tbh I trust in their kanji reading a lot more than that of foreigners 🙂 I saw one girl ask if it was Takanori but they corrected her pretty quickly. So….

That being said, all this is really irrelevant and you don’t really need to know their real names. It’s good for fanfiction purposes tho.

//adding this:

i got a few messages about the takanori/takayuki debate so here you go:

the biggest source for confusion for this is the tweet from takanori from tm revolution that said something about ruki and him having the same name. now, i could not find the original tweet (if anyone has it please share) but i found a few blog posts about it. everyone seems to be pretty confused because well the kanji for ruki’s supposed name is just not the kanji takanori is written. it’s the kanji for takayuki. so it might be that takanori meant that they are both called with the same nickname, taka-chan.
so ugh. it’s pretty much the same situation as it is with uruha’s name. no way to prove which one is right.

Ruki (the GazettE)

Ruki (the GazettE)


The whole thing started from a wrongly translated clip of Uruha saying how he drinks alcohol every night. He meant that he has one (or a few) beer or a glass of wine every night.
The reason why it was translated as “I drink sake every night” is that the translator didn’t know (or understand) that the japanese word for all alcohol is ‘sake’. Sake as in rice wine is not something a japanese person would pour for themselves when they are sitting in front of tv after a long day at work.

And now that we are on it…

Uruha (the GazettE)

Uruha (the GazettE)


It’s true that Uruha used to drink alcohol before the lives but he doesn’t do it anymore. He has a Q&A corner in his HERESY blog and when someone asked about it recently his answer was “Oh yeah, I used to do that. I don’t do it anymore. I guess it’s because I’m more professional now and don’t need it anymore”. So basically it was to calm down his nerves (which is something I can 100% understand) but since he’s used to the whole stage thing now it has stopped.


Just no.
Direct quote from Ruki:
“This time (I wrote) a very sad, but also a warm (story) that could happen to anyone. I wrote it in a way that could be understood as a point of view of….. a parent or a grandparent. I used a lot more imagination on these lyrics than I usually do”
– FOOL’S MATE March, 2005

So basically it’s about a girl name Reila who suddenly just left home and when they finally found her she was dead. Boom.


Her murder might have inspired it or it might have not, but it definitely isn’t about her. Read this.


Nope. Zetsu is about a man who gets mad at his, um, mentally unstable, girlfriend and kills her and then kills a lot more people too. Still think it’s about Ruki himself?


Nope. It’s about a boy who is in a hospital because he has heart problems and needs a transplant but they are not finding one for him and he’s desperate because he doesn’t want to die and leave his girlfriend alone. The girlfriend visits him every day until one day she stops coming and the boy gets a new heart and whoop turns out the heart is from the girlfriend. And in the end the boy dies too. Um.

ABOUT SUMIRE BEING ABOUT RUKI’S (and in some cases reita’s) EX

I’d love to hear where this one came from.
Ruki hasn’t said anything about it but the fans speculate that it’s connected to Zakurogata no yuuutsu. It’s about how the girlfriend sent the guy a letter telling him that she is dying so he can have her heart. The Sumire pv supports this theory since it has mannequins missing their heart 🙂 So yep, not about Reita. Or anyone else either.

Ruki (the GazettE)

Ruki (the GazettE)


He has one pet. Koron. Used to have another dog. I have no idea where the rumor about Ruki having a cat came from. He doesn’t.

So yeah these are the ones that I’ve seen going around the most. If there’s anything else you’ve heard/read and are unsure about just ask c:

Source: trauma-radio | RUMOR HAS IT


Ruki and Sabu-chan.

Ruki and Gucci

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  1. Ok I cannot say why you so confident can say “yes it is” or “no it’s definitely not”. People hardly can believe every single death from their songs is true and there’s no any fiction at all. But you know when music, or any other form of art is re-creating something, it can’t touch audience if it’s fake. To wrie a good song you must feel it, and you cannot feel things that are not there. So you tell me how truth is in Gazette’s music, not some possible not exact translation.

  2. I know this is a really late reply, but that picture of Ruki and the dog-well the dog isn’t Sabu-chan lol The dog’s name was Gucci and he was a papillon that belonged to the late-singer Isshi. Sabu was said to be a chihuahua and died before this shoot came out.

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