Goodbye for now, Plunklock -project

Since PLUNKLOCK will go on hiatus, some fans have started a fan project to show the band our support and love.

Please join it here: Goodbye for now, Plunklock -project

Description by the project managers:

“As you know, PLK announced that they will go on an indefinite hiatus as of the close of the one-man live show on October 10, 2013.

So we decided to do a video project for them to show our support and love for the band and for also to wish them good luck for future.

It’s simple:
– You can take a picture with holding your message
– You can edit a picture
– You can draw something
– You can write a message
– You can do short video clip (in that case, upload it to i.e. mediafire)

Remember to put your name (and country) to every message/picture, if you want.

Message can be short or long, it can say simply: “Thank you Plunklock, we love you and goodbye for now.”
It’s up to you.

Post all entries on this event so I can collect them easily.

But remember, stay polite. Anything rude or offensive won’t be included to the video.

Every entry is welcome, even short messages. The point is to show the band they have our full support and wishing them luck for the future. No matter what, Plunklock family stays together always.

Deadline is October 5th, I have time to make a video and post it on Youtube.
If you have any suggestions for songs, feel free to tell me!

Let’s show our love for PLUNKLOCK!”

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