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Message from the band:

To all the fans and staff who have constantly supported us.

PLUNKLOCK will go on an indefinite hiatus as of the close of the one-man live show on October 10, 2013.

Differences began to emerge among the members regarding the intended direction of the band’s musical activities, and after many meetings and discussions, this was the ultimate decision.

Until the very last note of our show on October 10, we will continue to play PLUNKLOCK’s own style of music that will resound in your heart, so please continue to support us until the end.

Haro, Seishou, Haruka, Pinky



I don’t know where to begin putting my thoughts into words, or how.
Even when uncertainty bound our feet in place, with the support of our fans, we moved forward, worried, and struggled together to come this far.
And yet, it’s come to this. I’m sorry we selfishly made this decision.
I can’t write a lot here, so I’ll pour out my heart on my blog instead.
A band is fragile. Humans are fragile.
Where we draw the line, we are one great compilation of all the things we have experienced, both fun and painful.
Please come on October 10 to see and remember what the path that PLUNKLOCK has traveled will leave behind for us, and what it will give to the rest of our lives.
I hope you’ll all continue to support PLUNKLOCK in the irreplaceable time we have left.

It’s been about half a year since I joined PLUNKLOCK.
It has been a very intense half-year.
The past half-year would not have been possible without the support of the members, our staff, and most of all, our fans.
I’m grateful to everyone who has been a part of my time here.
Please continue to support us as always through October 10.

Hello! Drummer Pinky here! As the announcement said, we’ve decided to cease PLUNKLOCK’s activities. Sniffle, sniffle (;_;) The time frame is indefinite, but it’s still a hiatus, so I believe the very close members of PLUNKLOCK will come together again someday!
While it is a sad announcement, it was made progressively by all of us, so even though it may be selfish, please support us until the end! Let’s give it our all until October 10! *\(^o^)/*

Thank you for all the support.

To be honest, there was no single, decisive reason that led us to this course of action. That’s why I can’t give a “this is the main reason we decided to go on hiatus” explanation. I’m sorry for that.

Before we are musicians, we are humans. And humans go through their lives thinking and worrying about many things. The time we have in this life is limited, after all. There are things I want to do and challenges I want to take, but a “band” is not something that any one person can operate according to one’s own will. I won’t go into a lot of detail right now. This was the decision reached by all of the members.

Finally, you all gave us so much energy, both on and off the stage. PLUNKLOCK made it this far thanks to all of you. To everyone who saw us perform in Europe, everyone who traveled all the way to Japan to watch us perform, and everyone who couldn’t make it to shows but listened to our CDs and sent us supportive messages, I truly thank you. I won’t forget you all. I hope to see you again, someday, somewhere.

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