Interview with Kamijo

Published on JaME August 26th. See original article here: Interview with KAMIJO

Interview with KAMIJO

interview – 08.26.2013 20:01
author: Geisha – translation: Tomo

The Versailles vocalist speaks about his upcoming solo debut.



Last year, visual kei band Versailles announced their hiatus. Earlier this year, the band’s vocalist, KAMIJO, announced his solo activities and on August 28 will release his first single, titled Louis. Just a few days before the release, JaME caught up with the frontman and asked him about the new single, his future plans and more.

Could you please describe your vision for your solo project? What kind of concept and musical style is it based on?

KAMIJO: The live band is the foundation of my musical style. That has not changed. My vision for my solo work is to create an aesthetic world.

What is the new single about? Could you please tell us more about the stories behind Louis and Grazioso?

KAMIJO: The story is based on my idea of what if there was an immortal vampire during the French Revolution and he actually had contact with Louis XVII, who was held captive at the Tour du Temple (The Paris Temple).

Is Louis part of a large, ongoing story like your previous releases? If so, could you please describe it for our readers?

KAMIJO: Yes, that’s exactly how it is. Louis is only part of an altered history. This is the beginning of a grand vampire chronicle that will tweak human history to a rosy tint.

The theme of Louis is “awakening to aesthetics.” Would you tell us about your own awakening?

KAMIJO: My fateful encounter with Mana-sama.

In the PV for Louis we can see Mana (from Moi dix Mois and Malice Mizer). What prompted you to work together on this single?

KAMIJO: We got together so that we can make an aesthetic style more popular.

Will you continue to work with him in the future?

KAMIJO: I hope to work with Mana-sama again.

How is working as a solo artist different to working with a band? How do you go about composing and recording music now?

KAMIJO: It is very hard to compose all parts of the music by myself. I adopted the same method of music composition that I used in Versailles.

How does standing on stage as a solo artist feel compared to being part of a band?

KAMIJO: I have not done my solo live yet, but I certainly look forward to finding it out myself.

What are you plans after Louis? Can we look forward to an album?

KAMIJO: I would like to release new work within the next year.

You also sang the chorus on HEARTSTRINGS, the debut album of the Japanese metal band AISENSHI. How did this collaboration come about?

KAMIJO: My seniors were actually recording in my studio and I wanted to contribute to their work.

Are you planning collaborations with other musicians?

KAMIJO: I would love to collaborate with various artists.

Why did you decide to not go with a major label for your solo project?

KAMIJO: I am a producer myself so I released it through my own label.

Your singing style has changed a lot over the years. How would you describe your journey as a vocalist and your goals for the future?

KAMIJO: It is very important to always have vocal training to be the singer I want to be. I want to be able to sing in a more elegant and powerful way.

Are you still involved with Sherow Artist Society? If so, are you planning to sign new bands?

KAMIJO: Sherow Artist Society will produce some artists in the future. Please look forward to it.

Aside from music, you have also acted on stage and on the TV, for example, in “Node of Scherzo,” “Tokyo Eki,” and “Onegai kanaete Versailles.” Are you planning to explore this avenue more in the future?

KAMIJO: I would love to challenge if there is a role that only I can play.

Do you have plans or ideas for overseas concerts?

KAMIJO: Absolutely!

Could you please give a message to your international fans?

KAMIJO: Thank you, everyone, for waiting so patiently for me. I am very happy to be able to deliver my voice to you again. My love for you guys is unconditional.

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