“To tell the truth, at first, he scared me.”/YUTO – Interview with VANIRU

Here follows an interview with the Japanese duo VANIRU (I actually bought their single “ZAKURO” today. ^^)

I think we will see much more of this band in the future…

The interview is made by Nana, informant of Barukirasu.

Vocal: Leoneil
Guitar: Yuto



BARUKIRASU: Good afternoon. My name is Nana – I am the informant of Barukirasu for the Russian fandom.

LEONEIL: Hi it’s Leoneil.
YUTO: Yuto, on guitars, Thank you!! Russia!

BARUKIRASU: It is rarely enough, when so young group was able instantly to overmaster the hearts of foreign listeners. How do you behave to it? Did you expect a similar splash or it was a surprise for you?

YUTO: Thank you!
LEONEIL: I never expect any results at all times. Just do it to do whatever we want to do. But I really glad to people who feel the something in our way. However, I always would be with no bias, would like to be in feeling a fresh. And now,it is only the beginning of launch.

BARUKIRASU: What do you follow at creation of music? Probably there are any certain sources of inspiration? Images, historical events, books or movies?

LEONEIL: From the special kind of my life, and my deep gothic emotion. And it might be cause from movies, novels, philosophy books…… Sometimes, might be from history, but only to those caught in something that my own history.
YUTO: We are going to assemble the songs from Mr’s inspirations.



BARUKIRASU: Is your group founded on some history? Possible is certain conception that connects all texts written with you?

LEONEIL: Fortunately, because we only just started, there is no history. However, welcomed to us as Japanese band, we had take these opportunity in overseas. Therefore, we would like to say thanks all of Japanese predecessors bands.
YUTO: In many cases, I know that people that they are not accepted without categorize the history and genre. People called us J-Rock genre in overseas,we have no resistance about it. Because, simply because we are no genre, so we can possible joined any genre.
LEONEIL: Even if, Imagine! Seen from Aliens on space. All music might be ‘genre of human Earth’ Would be ridiculous?

BARUKIRASU: Many admirers name your songs “unearthly”. Is it so? Do you feel something a like?

LEONEIL:That’s, very welcomed – “Unearthly”, “Eerie”, “it’s hard to say but something”…we don’t need reasons.
YUTO: If you feel unrealistic from our songs,they must be feeling sympathy for us.It makes us happy!!

BARUKIRASU: Vaniru your first project or thus far you already did work in the music industry?

YUTO: Our first project. As you can see us, we really fresh!! Haha!

BARUKIRASU: You already managed to visit outside Japan. In what country it was pleasant to you and what would like to visit?

LEONEIL: Those question for me, ,it is like a feel as go to answer that questions ‘what color of skin, what color of hair do you like?’ There are various features of anywhere. In other words, some part are lovable, also some part pissing me off to death. just kidding… I’ll say that, Idiosyncrasy love to me.



BARUKIRASU: You already told that you go to Malaysia of round. There is a desire to visit our cold country? (smiled). Would like to visit Russia, for example, in winter time?

YUTO: I like the sun very much, but you know? We were born in winter!
LEONEIL: I like the winter much trembling cold and dark. Because almost I am living in the night.
YUTO: Russia! Invite us! We ate Russian food recently. borscht, pirozhki, what was name of pink color soup? I also like the dog of Russia,too!

BARUKIRASU: I do hope that it is appropriate to pose such questions, but… When did you begin to be interested in music? Maybe, did it happen as early as school? Maybe, at school did you have other dreams in relation to your future?

LEONEIL: I did not know myself. Reason for existence.It is not known yet even now. I never want to be like “someone” anytime. Actually, it is obliged to the current situation that I had hoped, Now, I am able to freely make our music.
YUTO: I always want to be Dogs…they are pure,they are innocence,they have love! I want to be barking at earth naturally like a dog! I hope! such a guitarist.

BARUKIRASU: What music was pleasant to you at teenage age? Whether musical preferences changed with age?

LEONEIL: I would not change. However, changed the timing of listening. And I liked Classics,70’s,80’s and Film music. still mainly I like that.
YUTO: Since I lowbrow, I heard every fashionable musics. But, my turning point of life had came, I met with Leoneil, So my taste of music has completely changed. So I think, if it is before you come across the music of true yourself, musical preferences change.

BARUKIRASU: LEONEIL seems very quiet though isn’t present, even the mysterious. It is a certain image or you really such modest?

YUTO: Yes. Why is you so quiet? I wonder. We stayed together for several months. however, his private life is still mysterious. We stay the same house but I just feel unrealistic from him.
It is first time so much mysterious person. Everyone who known him have been said same word. He has very strong image and impact, and vice versa, he has wear the cold air in chilled. In spite of he is a super natural posture at all the time, Leoneil is too wonder, people feeling ‘something it not human
LEONEIL: No! Actually, sometimes I shout. And then sometimes have a long talk.
YUTO: No,no.. He talk little, sometimes in an interviews, certainly I know.
But you never talk about your own in the day-to-day. Always in the interviewers asked me, I’m looking for or not and what the story of his secret. But, I can’t say anything at all times, I am mortifying.



BARUKIRASU: You already told that your meeting was casual. At restaurant, isn’t it? You soon became friends? At what moment you understood, what you want to be together, how a musical duet?

YUTO: When we met the second time, I heard a song that was recorded of him. So I fell in him! Then, his staff members greeted me. Then, my training has begun! haha.. Noooo! My life begun!
To tell the truth, He was scary at first for me. Because he had already professional mood, and you know, he known by ‘Beauty’ and he have a aura to be unapproachable. My feeling has never been so easy. But we all know,it is the one of his attractive point.

BARUKIRASU: Do you consider, that for creation of music in a duet it is needed to be near to each other? Trust, honesty, friendship. As far as are you near to each other in friendship and in music?

LEONEIL: Matter of course. Music is a place to express the depth of my own.
YUTO: Respect and honesty is important. And he always said me to be pure. He is really awesome! I think he is so cool, I am as one of fan. Sense of stage, music videos, the tracks, his voice, expression of emotions…so many. Not only whole of band, he is also the producer of me as a guitarist.
LEONEIL: ….Should I say something …?
YUTO: No, you shouldn’t.I am Ok. it’s fine.(lol)

BARUKIRASU: . LEONEIL, actually you have simply tremendous image, especially your fine hair. Tell, it was under pressure of any style or an image? Or you never thought of the image and it is created in the frames “simply it is pleasant to me”?

LEONEIL: Yes, simply I like this right now.

BARUKIRASU: What interests or hobby you have in addition to music?

LEONEIL: Watching movies and reading books. And…In the Forest, at the Lakes… and those nights. Or, all of the activities to do at night.
YUTO: No live no…? haha! I really loved play music!! And I like interacting with the animals and plants! They are healed me. I like also to eating,take a picture,,,and many!

BARUKIRASU: What at you musical preferences and favourite performers?

YUTO: I can’t say some name of them,too many. As it were by all musicians and guitarists.
LEONEIL: Johann Sebastian Bach and Salvador Dali. And I admire few great people. However if, totally great performer existed, I mean, if existed someone who able to take me their world, I would not here.

BARUKIRASU: What special in your group what distinguishes you from others? (In your judgement)

LEONEIL: It is hard to say by myself… Suffice it to say that, when you judgement our genre, J-rock,Goth-electro and or anything…It’s welcome but, you might be disappoint us. I would like to betray expectation of you admirably.
YUTO: We are not flashy make-up, such as Kabuki. What do you think of us? You can feel our difference and distinguishes from others. From view of the our world!



BARUKIRASU: You have any joint dream? Probably, which concerns future your duet.

YUTO: He seems to be have various idea of VANIRU, So stay tuned!

BARUKIRASU: Someone from the native has on you impact in music? For example, parents?

LEONEIL: Umm,might be so, or not…anyway, everybody were affected by their own experience not a little. So I would like to challenge through the music to be beyond the consciousness of my own.
YUTO: About impact…I have received great deal of influence from Mr Leoneil. In particular, his attitude toward to music.

BARUKIRASU: Technical issue. What equipment you use? Favourite brand of guitars? Whether there is a tool which you would like to acquire in the future?

YUTO: We has feelings for the sound. However, brands, does not matter for me.

BARUKIRASU: Well and standard question. Could tell something to the Russian admirers? Probably, questions was insufficiently, and to you is what to tell in addition to everything?

YUTO: It was fun. Russia! You invited us at any time! We are looking forward to meeting you in live!
LEONEIL: I am interested in your emotions when you are seduced by yourselves without thinking in your head. I love to….,Be stabbed heart is so lovely.
YUTO: Welcome! Freely!

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  1. I found this band yesterday and subscribed to their Facebook page and You tube channel. Leoneil reminds me so much of my favourite vocalist, Atsushi Sakurai of Buck Tick. Their music video Zakuro is also reminiscent of BT’s Romance PV. I shall be watching this duo to see how they develop!

  2. two hours of liking them and I’m already starting sketches of Leoneil (how does one even begin to pronounce that). He’s a very attractive man with an amazing voice. ><
    I get an Atsushi vibe from his, but I'm in no way complaining! It's a fair aura of mystery and silence, yet a raw beauty in it. I really look forward to hearing more of them.

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