Translated review of YOHIO’s performance in Sundsvall Aug 3rd

Here follows a review written for by Cecilia Frykberg who attended to Yohio’s concert at “Konsertfesten” in Sundsvall this Saturday.

The review is translated by me. (Thanks for the link, Jessi-chan from Nyanko Scandal Factory)

Yohio has an instincite feel for details

Sundsvall Yohio
Konsertfesten (Saturday)
Grade: 4
Photographer: Mattias Myde

If I would arrange a class in how to act like a rock star, I would definitely hire Yohio as a lecturer. His way in entering the stage is powerful, cool and like a real diva. First the band enters and throws white roses to the audience. Last comes Yohio who throws away his rose dramatically.

And it continues during the whole concert. Yohio knows where to make his poses. It’s like a summary of the entire Japanese pop culture taking physical form in one single graceful young man from Sundsvall.

Still he’s not fake. Between the songs he’s very relaxed, a bit unobtrusive impulsive and charmingly ironic.



The new material from the album Break the border is alternated with Japanese songs from his debut EP. Unfortunately, the audience here in Sweden isn’t really following and gets slightly snorted by a lay backed sarcastic Yohio after the first two songs before the band gears up. Yohio challenges the audience to jump to the song “Our Story”. It was not that very successful.

After that, it’s time for a really rough and brutal visual kei song in true Dir En Grey spirit – Innocence. All over again I’m impressed by how perfectly and keen Yohio and his band has caught the essence and tunes from the Japanese melancholy. The fair singing is alternated with growl and screaming, to many peoples surprise and dismay, but to my great delight. And it’s like a kick in the butt for some extra energy.

YOHIO concert

YOHIO concert

To me who are an old Japan nerd and visual kei fan, it’s a true delight, yes, visually, that all details are so perfectly set. From the asymmetric and a glittering rock his wearing to the hair where not a single strand is misplaced.

The only thing I can complain about is that Yohio himself never put up the guitar.

/Cecilia Frykberg

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