Anli Pollicino – one of my very favorites! <3

I had the luck to once see Anli Pollicino once in Norway and oh, do I want to see them again? YES! (Please, please, come back to Europe!)

Anli Pollicino

This video was recently uploaded on Youtube and according to it’s title, the performance was recorded May 11th this year and is available on DVD! Shindy has short hair again! ^^

And it’s one of my absolute favorite songs: L’etoile filante

But… doesn’t Shindy’s voice sound a little bit darker than usual…?

It’s wonderful to see them in action on stage, but the studio version of this song sounds better, so if you think this song has potential according to your taste of music, make sure to listen to the album TRANCEFORMER.

Anli Pollicino

Formed: 2006
Debut: August 2008

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Vocal: Shindy
Vocal: Shindy (Anli Pollicino)
template-cakeNov 21st
Guitar: Takuma
Bass: Masatoshi (将寿) (Anli Pollicino)
template-cakeDec 23rd
Guitar: Yo-1
Guitar: Yo-1 (Anli Pollicino)
template-cakeOct 22nd
Bass: Masatoshi
Guitar: Takuma (琢磨) (Anli Pollicino)
template-cakeDec 10th
Drums: Kiyozumi
Drums: Kiyozumi (清淳) (Anli Pollicino)
template-cakeFeb 26th

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