Japanese train seats – BRILLIANT!

Japanese inventions are simply BRILLIANT!
This is a really cool text that I found on Japan On Inside (a site on Facebook!)

“Did you know?

In the Shinkansen, the seat in the middle of the three-seater row is actually slightly wider than the rest. This was deliberately created so as to reduce the feeling of oppression of the passenger who is sandwiched between two people.

The reason why there are two-seater and three-seater rows is to accommodate to any group that comes on board.

A single traveler can take any seat available. A couple can have the two-seater row to themselves. A group of three take the three-seater. A group of four can take two two-seaters. (The seats can be rotated so that the group of four people will be facing each other.) A group of five can fill up a row of two- and three-seaters. A group of six takes up two three-seater rows. (Once again the two rows of three can rotate their seats to face each other.

This is the true Japanese spirit of omoiyari (thoughtfulness and consideration for others)!” /  Japan On Inside

Seats in Japanese train

Seats in Japanese train

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