A message from “mini-GazettE”…

I can’t wait! I CAN’T WAIT! XD

Soooon…. sooon will VelBet (ベルベット) release their new album “Яe:set” and I’m so excited. I simply love them. I guess a lot of GazettE-fans do… 😉



So, mark August 14th in you calenders, ’cause that’s the date when the two types of this album will be released:

  • Limited Edition ( CD with 11 songs + booklet) Cost: 4,000 yen
  • Regular Edition ( CD with 13 songs) Cost: 3,000 yen

1- 零(Zero)-beginning-
2- 心ノ闇(Kokoro no yami)
3- 青い太陽(Aoi taiyou)
4- Black@envy
5- FULLシカト(FULL shikato)
6- アイツのあいつ(Aitsu no aitsu)
7- 捻れた思想、儚き想い(Nejireta shisou, hakanaki omoi)
8- バクテリア(bacteria)
9- ○△□× (included in Regular Ed.)
10- マホロバ(Mahoroba)
12- Psycho Freaks
13- sense0.3mm (included in Regular Ed.)

I wonder what the lyric to “CHICKEN HEAD” will be… ^^

And here’s a message for those of you who understands Japanese… or simply enjoys watching their pretty faces. ;-p

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