Japanese passengers pushed a 32 ton train to save woman

Stories like this makes my heart warm and gives me hope for human kind. Selflessness and courage can’t be taken for granted you know.

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This article was published yesterday and the happening took place at JR Minami-Urawa station.

A 30-year old woman slipped through the gap (only eight inch wide) between the train and the platform during rush hour.  She was trapped under the train.

Woman trapped under train

Woman trapped under train

But approximately 40 passengers came to her rescue by pushing the 32 TON train carriage away from the platform, and the woman could be pulled up, unharmed.

It’s great knowing that people can gather and help when it’s really needed, and even gather the strength to pull a train that heavy.

Woman trapped under train

Woman trapped under train

This reminds me of two happenings here in Stockholm.

The first one was during rush hour and I saw a father and son heading to the train. The gap between the subway platform and the carriage is really not wide, but somehow the little boy accidentally stepped right into the gap and disappeared.  Fortunately enough, the father reacted fast and managed to grab the boys hand just before he was totally lost under the carriage. He pulled up the boy and entered the train like nothing had happened, but I can imagine all scenarios in his head of what COULD have happen.

And when it comes to helping people… There’s a very known case in Stockholm that occurred not that long time ago and is really awful. It could all be seen – later – on security cameras.

A 38-year old man had passed out on the subway track by night. Another man passed by, known in Sweden as “Tunnelbanemannen” (Subway man ). He jumps down on the track, but not to help, but to rob the unconscious man. While leaving the place he makes a wink into the security camera.

Some seconds later, the man on the track gets run over by a train…

So yes, stories like this about the Japanese woman is truly wonderful. SOOO much credit to all the people who helped her!

You can read the article here: The inspiring moment Japanese commuters pulled together to push 32-TON train away from platform to free woman who fell on the tracks

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