Happy birthday Kamijo!

Well, it’s the 19th in Japan now so… Happy Birthday Kamijo! You’re 38 now! (Still young… ^_-)

One Hundred Questions for KAMIJO

From JUBILEE Tour Pamphlet

Music Part

1. What was the first CD you bought? How old were you?
A. It was a soundtrack of an arcade game called “Tenchi wo Kurau”. I was still an adolescent (laugh).

2. A musician that you like right now?
A. Me.

3. speaking of Japanese music or western music, which one you like?
A. lately, the western one.

4. What was the first band you listened to?
A. I was influenced by Kyosuke Himuro of Boøwy.

5. Why have you choose your current path?
A. Because I stood in the middle of it.

6. What did you think about career and music?
A. before I noticed, the equipments were increasing, and I couldn’t turn back.

7. When you are performing, what are you thinking about?
A. Free from thoughts.

8. Usually, how much do you practice?
A. I just like to practice, doing vocal booth at my house.

9. What’s the most difficult Versailles song?
A. God Palace.

10. What time is when you can make the image of the song?
A. Not just the melody, but also when I finished the intro that turns into the face of the song.

11. Your favourite song from “JUBILEE”?
A. Amorphous.

12. Your favourite Versailles song?
A. The Love from a Dead Orchestra.

13. Tell us a favourite place and a disliked place of the other members.
A. Favourite place: a relationship of mutual trust as human being, as for the members.
Disliked place: a place where you get drunken sickness.

14. What’s the biggest difference, between your today self and the one of your formation days.
A. At the beginning of my formation I always discarded everything, but now I collect and discard, keeping the most valuable things that I abandoned inside myself, I’m proud to be able to do this.

15. So the things that you keep in your memories are in your recent songs?
A. when I got to sing live the God Palace choir, I was deeply moved.

16. What are you going to do in the travel time during the tour and overseas?
A. I’ll sing humming the songs.

17. What makes you happy during the tour?
A. The fact that I can see girls of every place.

18. The outfit has been decided?
A. I create a sensation, thinking to the work, and according to the song. There’s a thema to change myself every time.

19. TV or radio, there’s pride to appear there?
A. Neither I wish to go, but now is the radio that do the personality.

20. The means you like to ride for a trip?
A. The one I like is the bicycle. The one I dislike is the plane.

21. Something you’d like to be granted in your music activity in this current year?
A. singing accompanied with a piano.

22. Who is the artist that you feel like “I can’t be defeated but by this guy”?
A. Me.

23. If you could enter into a favourite band for one day only, what band would you like to enter?
A. There’s not a band I would like to enter. I would like to make a Ghibli cover band.

24. If you could turn into a completely different genre of band, what kind of thing would you like to do?
A. A Kottekote love song.

25. An artist you would like to appear with?
A. Among the deceased, Paul Mauriat.

Love Part

1. Tell us the type of girl you like and the type you dislike.
A. I like a girl full loaded of pheromone, using firmly the honorific. I dislike a junior girl who can’t use the mouth with utmost effort.

2. What kind of garments you like on a girl?
A. Actually I like lolita!

3. How many confessions have you made?
A. I wish I could have confessed to more.

4. The difference between love (maybe he means relationship) and marriage?
A. I think there’s certainly a difference, though I never thought about that.

5. What kind of girl do you act more towards?
A. When she resists.

6. The value of love for you? About the members, tell us who considers it high or low.
A. For me is from 99 to perfect score 100. However is the expectation, Teru is low with the character’s mark.
About Yuki, that’s high too, we have various discussions about love.

7. How old were you when you had your first love?
A. 11 y/o.

8. Tell us about your first date!
A. It was at 5 o’clock at the public park, beside the slide.

9. What is that you look into a companion to be your loved one?
A. Loyalty.

10. If made by her, there’s a dish you can “fall” for?
A. Carrying the unagi by the top of the head, waiting in person the natto with the hand, “Do I?”

11. If now, where would you like to have a date?
A. Dubai. I would like to go to the most expensive, best place in the world.

12. Older or younger, which you like?
A. I like a lot both.

13. You’re the type that apologize after a quarrel? The type that does not apologize?
A. I basically don’t apologize, but I apologize if I feel guilty.

14.Rejection? An episode of broken heart that was painful.
A. I was rebuked, drawn near by 10 friends of her, if I was going to leave her before summer, but it was her who left me before summer.

15. If you can meet with the person you liked in the past, now what you wish to tell her?
A. The loved persons are never in the past. I love her all the time.

16. Do you think you are ECCHI? When do you think that?
A. I always am into aesthetic eroticism.

17. A female performer that you like!
A. Horikita Maki.

18. How many mail do you send in a day?
A. Outside the work, I just reply to what I received

19. Do you have game pants? What kind of?
A. I don’t wear pants when I play.

20. Your type of love is bitch? Shy?
A. Bitch.

21. In love, there’s “I just can’t do that”?
A. The girl has to be treated as a great girl.

22. You’re a person that behaves like a spoiled child in front of her? A person that doesn’t behave spoiled? Which one?
A. I’m both a M-type and super-S type.

23. Please tell us your love habits.
A. I’m too pure…

24. Stay relaxed at home or a date outside. Which one you like the most?
A. Conversely you like inside or outside?

25. If you were a girl, what Versailles member would you fall for? Reason?
A. HIZAKI-kun. Because his room is like the one of a nobleman’s daughter.

Hobby/Tastes Part

1. Consumer goods that you recently bought?
A. Biganki. (it’s a beauty care utensil for the face, kinda… XD)

2. What kind of alcohol to get heavily drunken?
A. Youmeishu medical care (laugh). (it’s a herbal liqueur with some medicamental effects)

3. A movie that you watched recently?
A. My, I have watched nothing recently…

4. A favourite sport? Reason?
A. Tennis. Because I used to play it for a long time.

5. Favourite bath goods?
A. Fresh roses.

6. A tv program you often watch?
A. News.

7. What’s the thing you want the most now?
A. Letters of impression about lives.

8. Which room do you live in?
A. I’m not into Versailles-way of nothing but one room, and I live in a room that’s exceedingly wide.

9. What would you buy, if you had to buy 1 kind of furniture now?
A. It’s not furniture but, I would replace the entrance door.

10. What are you doing on your day off?
A. If I had a day off I would want to watch a movie.

11. If did you win 100.000.000 yen on a lottery, how would you use them?
A. I would divide them between the members.

12. what’s your cooking speciality?
A. Pasta, If I dare to say.

13. Is there a pastry that you like?
A. Ohagi.

14. What’s your appearance when you sleep?
A. bathrobe and sauna suit.

15. The special skill that you think would be great to possess?
A. Back jump.

16. Now do you have HAMA?
A. MC Hama.

17. What brand do you like? (besides western clothes ones)
A. Apple.

18. Various things that you like to read?
A. sound and recording magazine.

19. An animal that you’d like to raise? Give him a name please.
A. About a toy poddle, the name is John.

20. Is there something that you’re using to take care of your beauty? What is it?
A. I habitually use the Biganki.

21. What is the thing that you try to stick to for personal appearance?
A. Meal.

22. The place that you wish to go to in your country?
A. The temple of Kyoto.

23. The place that you wish to visit abroad someday?
A. Las Vegas.

24. Really! Your hobby?
A. Going around coffee lounges.

25. Beside music, is there something you would like to be able to produce and what is it?
A. A variety tv program.

Human life

1. Your nickname as a child?
A. Nana, Prince.

2. If you can meet with yourself as a child, what would you tell him?
A. Don’t cry!

3. What is that is a “me-like” qualification?
A. The last decision about melodies.

4. What’s the most recent major source of tension?
A. When I ate food that include kimchee.

5. Do you believe in divination? Or not?
A. I believe in good things by circumstances.

6. If you see yourself in the future, are you in a house? A mansion?
A. A castle.

7. A person you respect?
A. My father.

8. The most recent thing that made you happy?
A. “JUBILEE” wants to be in this era.

9. The most recent thing that made you sad?
A. I lost many people.

10. The most recent thing that made you laugh?
A. All the speech and behaviours of the members.

11. The most recent thing that made you really angry?
A. The thing that I always have to rely on a chauffeur.

12. For a day to go out, you prefer a rainy day or a cloudy day?
A. Cloudy day.

13. You favourite body part?
A. The eyes.

14. A person/object/thing you’re anxious about recently?
A. Person is myself, thing is the foreign security.

15. A thing that you don’t approve at all?
A. An inconsiderate behaviour.

16. If today was the last earth’s day, what would you wish to eat in the end?
A. Noddles of “Tsurutontan”. Since now I wish to eat them.

17. Favourite motto.
A. “I, am Kamijo” (written with the kanji of “god” instead of “above”, the one of his name).

18. What’s the time when you can relax?
A. When I place the hands on keyboards.

19. What’s the prize to yourself?
A. To eat chiffon cake.

20. If you can tell a dream, the first you would request?
A. Escape from eternity.

21. An essential thing in life for you.
A. Stage.

22. If you can describe your life until now with a word?
A. Dramatic.

23. Is there a power support for you?
A. The body treatment store.

24. If you didn’t become a musician, what do you think you could be now?
A. Tennis player.

25. Definitely, Versailles is for you…?
A. A castle.

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