Are A(ACE) doing drugs? XD

I definitely don’t want to sound mean. I’m just chocked!!! XD

ZOMG…. What is this?

hide  & A / ACE (エース)

hide & A / ACE (エース)

I listen to A(ACE)’s cover of hide’s “Eyes love you” and is completely STUNNED. ([Album] hide TRIBUTE III -Visual SPIRITS- (03.07.2013))

What is this?

Are they ON DRUGS!? XD

The sound of a “drunk man” talking, a sudden injection of SUGAR PLUM FAIRY, and then some kind of indian singing and mexican tunes…

I don’t know if this is completely crazy or absolutely genious!

Hide’s song “Eyes love you”

A(ACE)’s cover

I like A(ACE) and I adore Rookie Fiddler… but please Rookie… don’t sing? ^^

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Hideto hide Matsumoto


Artist name: hide
Real name: 
Hideto Matsumoto (松本秀人)
Occupations: Songwriter, guitarist, singer
Also known as: lead guitarist in X JAPAN
Solo career start: 1997 (after disbandment of X JAPAN)

template-cakeDecember 13th 1964, born in Kanagawa, Yokosuka
template crossMay 2nd 1998, in Tokyo

Member History

Hideto hide Matsumoto

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