Millions of Japanese youths withdrawn from society

Hikikomori is a well known word among Japanese and can be described as a person who has withdrawn from society and maybe also his/her family and friends. They lock themselves in and fear life outside the doors.

This is a pretty interesting article about a boy who is one of million young hikikomoris in Japan. It all started when he stopped going to school. His parents blamed him and so did he. Why he stopped going to school is not said.



A fear grew inside this boy for going out and meeting people and suddenly he couldn’t even leave his house. He slept all day and watched TV all night and stopped having any contact with his family and friends.

He’s not well. He says he has a lot of negative emotions inside. There’s a wish of being able to go out and a sadness concerning his situation, but there’s also an anger towards his parents and society and fear for the future.

This boy is just one example of many. How come that millions of young Japanese chose to withdrawn from “life” this way? What do you think?

Article: Hikikomori: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?

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