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Hiroaki (singer in the Japanese Visual Kei band I -アイ-) has posted some really beautiful words on Facebook lately, in English!

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16th July


Established concept and deadline,
Sensitivity to defeat consistency causes a shout of joy

Hiroaki (I -アイ-)

Hiroaki (I -アイ-)

16th July

I learn many times with the life and reflect many times
However, I have not accepted decisive defeat.

In failure and the adverse circumstances,
Whether appropriate,
I know that a seed laying bigger profit is included.

Through invisible music to tie us to
If the world is used to one
In the invisible music that led to you
If one your light increases

I want to be it, and I produce music today^^



僕らを繋ぐ 目に見えない音楽で 世界がひとつになれるなら
君へ繋がった 目に見えない音楽で 光がひとつ増えるなら


Hiroaki (I -アイ-)

Hiroaki (I -アイ-)

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I -アイ-

I -アイ-

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