The Deathgaze gig in Hamburg at Headcrash!

July 10th, I went to Hamburg in order to see Deathgaze perform at the club Headcrash. I met up with some friends on Reeperbahn which apparently was the red light district of Hamburg. Oh? Quite fascinating for a Swede I must say. ^_- Headcrash was in that area so we went there among all sexstores and porno clubs.

To be honest, in the beginning I didn’t like Deathgaze and I think I heard them first time 2008. At that time they’ve already existed for 4-5 years. By some reason I had a hard time to accept Ai’s voice. (Ai was originally the bassist in Deathgaze, but took the role as vocalist when Sou left).



Well, my interest for Ai’s voice just had to get some time and after a while I liked it. After all, the music was awesome and sometimes you just need to get used to things.

I respected Deathgaze before, but after this concert I must say that my respect is enormously bigger and my LOVE for Ai’s voice has never been deeper. Wow! I see the band in a totally different light now.

This tour “The end of last decade” is a celebration of their ten years as a band. I would say that they are one of the veterans now – and their music truly underlines it. They deserve that title. They are so professional and talented!

Deathgaze members:
Ai (藍) – lead vocals & lead guitar
Takaki (貴樹) – lead guitar, backing vocals
Kosuke (孝介) – bass, backing vocals
Naoki (直樹) – drums, backing vocals



Headcrash was a quite small club but very suitable for the concert. I think we might have been 200 people attending to that gig. Some had been standing in line since at least noon (I saw them when I made a walkabout).

Even though the doors opened late, the concert started really fast as soon as we’ve got in. The guys entered the stage with true metal auras, hairy armpits, quite chunky (no skinny skeletons here!) and black makeup around the eyes and running down their mouths. Ai wore a pretty choker with small slave rings and a big metal skull bracelet. He wore a simple armless shirt in white and grey that showed his big tattoos on each shoulder.

(Ai) Deathgaze

(Ai) Deathgaze

Very soon, heavy rock exploded through the air and the audience got wild. At first I thought “Oh, chilly and nice basement!” but I took it back A LOT! It didn’t take long before the sweat was pouring down the back and face. Partly ‘cause we were so many people in such small area, and partly cause we were rocking like wild animals (like we should). I simply love to headbang in a crowd. And to be honest, after a while I asked for as many headbang parts as possible, ‘cause that was the only time when you could feel something that reminded of a cooling fan.

Ai was playing the guitar now and then and I must say that I LOVE when the vocalist grabs an instrument and shows off some multi-skills. Especially guitar. ^^

They played SO many great songs: BLOOD, amends, SIX BLACK NINE, SILENCE, Suicide dance, Disgusting eye, abyss, DEAD BLAZE, ALLURE, genocide and mass murder, THE END, DECADE, CHAOS and 294036224052.

Abyss (from 2008) is one of my very favorites.

Deathgaze (photo from this night, not taken by me)

Deathgaze (photo from this night, not taken by me)

Ai’s voice is great live and he has so much power in his growling. He has a great singing technique and is very charismatic. Sometimes he just leant over some fans and stared into their eyes like a maniac or like he was completely apathetic.
Kosuke smiled a lot and was very cute (under that rough surface ^^). I never got a good look at Takaki’s face since it was almost all the time entirely covered by his long hair. How did he even see his guitar? ^^ And that drummer… Naoki… what a GOD OF DRUMS! I’ve admired his talent before, but after this I’m speechless. Wow.

When it was time for encore, he was the first one to come in and he played a drum solo. The audience was so excited that we made him play another one to the rhythm of our shouting. After a while he stopped, smiled and said: “You win. You are best!” And people cheered.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such long follow up after an encore. At least it felt like that. Ai kept telling us: “Last song!” but after each song he said: “One more!” and I hope it was because they enjoyed their time so much. The seemed to have so much fun and Ai smiled a lot in the end. I noticed that he has very nice looking teeth and a very handsome smile. It always feels good when you notice that the band enjoys their time with you.

The following live clip was recorded the night before during their performance in Cologne:

Unfortunately – some fans can not behave though. 😦 One girl in the front row was stretching out for Ai’s hand and when he took it, she pulled him so hard forward that he lost balance and almost tripped. You could see that he tried to get off from her grip and I really don’t understand how these fans think. I’m sure he didn’t enjoy it.

In the end, Ai threw his water bottle to the audience. I usually never catch anything, but ironically enough this time – when I wasn’t prepared at all – I got it. I just stretched my arms in the air and wasn’t even looking up, just felt how it flew perfectly into my hand. ^_- So THIS is how Cinderella felt? ^^

Ai's water bottle

Ai’s water bottle

Anyway, all positive stuff was dominating. I was so exhausted afterwards that I just fell down like a ragdoll in an armchair someone had put on the street. This concert was so awesome and Deathgaze is definitely a band I want to see again!

We very pleased with this evening

We very pleased with this evening

Deathgaze didn’t have any signing session, but just as a friend of mine said: They give 200% on stage instead. I bought a merchandise bag though. ^^

Deathgaze merch

Deathgaze merch


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Debut: July 2003
Hiatus: December 23rd 2014

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Vocal & Guitar:
Ai (藍)
Vocal: Ai (藍) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeAug 19th 1979
template_twittertemplate blogtemplate vinetemplate webpage homepage
Takaki (貴樹)
Guitar: Takaki (贵 树) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeJuly 6th
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Kosuke (孝 介)
Bass: Kosuke (孝 介) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeDec 15th
template_twittertemplate blogtemplate webpage homepage
Naoki (直樹)
Drums: Naoki (直树) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeNov 23rd
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Member History

Former members:

  • Vo. Hazuki → KUSSE → Berry → deathgaze→ deathgame → lynch. 
  • Gt. Naoto → otogi(keito) → creha∞zel, KeiL(support) → KeiL(NAOTO) → Anzen x pin → deathgaze → DEATHGAZE→ ?
  • Vo. Sou → Be≒Luna → deathgaze, Knohhoso → [retired]
  • Gt. Kanna → Lapiaqilyze(Vo.響) → deathgaze(Gt.Kanna) → PuppetMammy → Holic → [retired]

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